$tewArtZ – Aaliyah/Selena: Gritty Hip Hop Poetry

New York based rapper $tewArtZ’s dynamic approach to his sound is one that fans of Old School R&B & Hip Hop will definitely appreciate. The fluidly of his latest track Aaliyah/Selena is almost timid, the track jangles behind the relentless lyrical flow of $tewArtZ as the mid-tempo track steers clear from mediocrity with rhythmically harsh analog snaps and snares. He’s mixed things up when it comes to lyrical content, I’m not sure a rapper has ever addressed two women in one track before?

Either way, it’s evident, that $tewArtZ is a strong contender in the underground Hip Hop scene, the emerging artist is quickly gaining notoriety for his angsty flow, old school trap beats and pure honesty. There’s no grandiosity, just reality through the lyrics to all of his tracks including his earlier mixes such as ‘Chu Want’. Once the verses kick in, the potency of his infectious style hits you, as you’re immersed in pure gritty poetry. I will always champion artists that remain loyal to their roots, and one things for sure $tewArtz isn’t selling out anytime soon.

Check out the official music video to Aaliyah/Selena on YouTube via the link below:


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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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