CalynRoxx Releases Brand New Fun Track “Make Me Cry”

Calyn Roxx is a young upcoming talent from Stockton, CA, who is showing a great passion for music from a very young age. At eleven years old she already has her own sound and she knows how to perform with just the right attitude as well. She is already developing her artistic style and is clearly enjoying time in the studio making music that sounds fresh, catchy and cool. Her latest song “Make Me Cry” is indeed evidence of this and it shows that she is definitely reaching for the top and trying out different things fearlessly.

“Make Me Cry” is a fresh pop song with just the right amount of digital effects on the voice and a fun instrumental arrangement that accompanies Calyn’s vocals nicely. Apart from this, what is most interesting about this song, is the way melodic contrast is used to distinguish sections. Verses, pre-choruses and choruses all have a different character yet blend perfectly well together. The pre chorus and chorus are the most melodically strong section which also feature bigger intervallic leaps that add a certain cool attitude to the whole song and make it even more fun to sing along to. Overall Calyn Roxx is showing the world that she is ready to delve into the music industry. She has a fresh cool sound, just the right attitude and she also knows what she wants in her music!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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