Take My Hand: David Baron and Fiona Glenn bring us home on heartfelt classic ‘Don’t Give Up’

Featuring a stunning 40-piece orchestra throughout, we smartly just sit back and let David Baron and Fiona Glenn take us on a phenomenal ride to peaceful calm waters, with their follow-up to ‘Whisperers‘ called ‘Don’t Give Up‘.

David Baron is a world-renowned composer, arranger, engineer and producer based in Woodstock, USA. Joining him on this subtle masterpiece is frequent collaborator Fiona Glenn, who is a soulfully sweet Mid-Hudson Valley in New York State-based indie singer-songwriter.

The classy piano ambiance sets the mood with the wonderful orchestra on top form, as the young singer spreads her wings, to roam freely into our minds with the story of coming home again to see that special soul, who makes everything seem worthwhile.

Don’t Give Up‘ from David Baron and Fiona Glenn, is a terrific experience that makes you feel warm inside on these cold lonely nights, as your smile creaks open slowly, this is a marvelous track that breaks the ice and allows you to blossom again after the bleak winter.

This is one of the best songs so far in 2021, as its made with that special love that we all need right now, as we recover from this long storm that has almost passed.

Hear this wonderfully constructed single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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