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Don’t Have Time: Sam Thul has seen the warning signs before on ‘That Road’

Bringing us a lovely new single that urges us to avoid the negative and only focus on the positive, Sam Thul drives us down a place which is filled with holes but also rainbows on ‘That Road‘.

Sam Thul is an experienced Pennsylvania, USA-based former band member of a multitude of different acts and is now fully immersed as a solo artist, as well as an avid reader, movie fanatic and gamer.

This entire song was written, recorded and mixed in about three weeks in my home studio/office/medieval tavern space lol. After a few false starts, I finally ironed out the quirks and decided it was finally finished and ready for people to listen to it.” – Sam Thul

With a mellow tone that is totally authentic and made with a warning sign to us all, he helps us to avoid the life trap of worrying about things that you can’t control. His voice is controlled and full of intrigue – he sweeps away the dusty street for us to drive through – with our eyes wide open.

That Road‘ from the soulful Pennsylvania, USA-based indie-rock solo artist Sam Thul, shows us a man who doesn’t want to go down a path that knows will waste his time. Avoiding the path that has only has tasteless bones scattered throughout is the not the way he wishes to venture down anymore. The good vibes are the only thing that will keep his mind alive from here onward to that true happy place.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Gotta Ball: Chicago underground rapper Dino feels invincible on intent-filled new single ‘No Hook Menace’

With his debut EP on the way soon, Dino dusts off the gloves and gets into the ring with his latest single called ‘No Hook Menace‘.

Brandon Coleman aka Dino, is a self-assured Chicago-based underground hip-hop artist with a ferocious delivery. He makes that raw rap music that swats away the competition easily, with his smartly penned lyrics and confident attitude.

He pulls up with a serious style and makes it known that he is for real. With a potent energy that has you captivated and nodding your head to his sterling effort, that rampages in like a hungry bull who knows where the prey is. He is tired of weak cats talking too much and is only focusing on being better from here on.

No Hook Menace‘ from the emerging Chicago-based artist Dino, is a swashbuckling freestyle-type track that leaves no doubt with his intentions. He is on a mission and doesn’t have time for anyone getting in the way of what he wants with girls, or his music career. This determined attitude has him on form here and with a bouncy beat – as this is a quick-fire track that is filled with smokey hard bars – and an artist who knows exactly what he wants.

You gotta ball after all to win in this life.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Out Of My Face: North Carolina rapper Mini Mo Betta gets the dough without drama on ‘Str8’

Released off the gritty North California indie hip-hop label Branch Off Records, Mini Mo Betta got off his couch and puts its together real tight with his bouncy street new track called ‘Str8‘.

Mini Mo Betta is a Brunswick County, North Carolina-based rapper with a consistent flow who gives it everything he has on each verse. He makes that quick-fire rap that rolls in fast and has you thinking about your own life rather deeply.

You feel his heartfelt desire to lift himself into a new position – as he ditched the three and four of spades – to look for the royal flush, that is waiting for him if he wants it enough. The insight is there and his self-awareness growing, each line he drops is made with passion and resolve, to be better and to be on top.

Str8‘ from the rugged rapper from NC in the USA called Mini Mo Betta, is the statement of intent from an artist who dug himself up from an uncomfortable place, to follow his dreams and to be be proud of who he wants to be. He raps with a determined flow and inner fire determination that is so scarce, as he lets it rip on a bar-loaded track full of promise. Haters better stay away from chatting nonsense too close to his face, as he is all about business now.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Calming The Rough Seas: The extraordinary CICI Zhu brings us such tranquil peace and healing power with ‘Mirage’

With her exquisite style and stunning energy which makes all the unnecessary stresses go away in a quick instant, CICI Zhu is utterly magnificent on a song you will want to play again and again to calm all with ‘Mirage‘.

CICI Zhu is a massively talented and fully focused Zhengtronic music producer, vocalist, pianist, Guzheng (Chinese harp) player, honors in music production student, who is from Shanghai, China, was raised in London, UK, and is now based in the USA.

After growing up with her family’s deep ties to Chinese traditional music – plus fusing her own worldly experiences and knowledge – you feel her classy shine come straight through the speakers, that feel so warm and cared for suddenly. Each second is not wasted at all, her poise and skill is quite stupendously appealing.

Mirage‘ from the awe-inspiring USA-based hybrid Zhengtronic producer and yoga student CICI Zhu, is the type of song that you feel comforted by and everything doesn’t seem that bad after listening to her beautiful work of art. We are witnessing a world class musician who has carefully elevated her craft to wonderful levels of enjoyment, and it feels like she is only getting started.

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Broken Heart: J-Desir keeps on ‘Searching’ to be with his true soulmate

With a caring tone that shows evidently that he shall never give up on who he truly desires, J-Desir drops the delightful visuals for this romantic story which is all about realizing that you can never understand her, but will always be there for her when she needs you on ‘Searching‘.

OG Josh aka J-Desir, is a talented RnB/hip-hop artist from South Florida in the USA. He cleverly constructs that loving sound that sweeps you off your feet and has you reaching for those dusty candles, to dim the flashing lights of this harshly lit world.

Music is not my passion or my hobby, music is my life! I am a creator I was made to create“. – J.Desir

The visuals are clear and concise, you easily see his passion towards her as he hopes that she will indeed forget the other guy and join him hand in hand again. His voice is smooth and full of animation on his bearded face, as he wishes that things could be simpler than they appear right now.

Searching‘ from the stylish South Florida hip-hop/RnB artist J-Desir, shows us a man on a mission to be with that sweet woman who he really wants to spend all of his spare time with. He knows that she wondered away for a while to see what what out there, but in his deepest heart he knows that they will end up being together.

Sometimes you can wait forever, or it will happen sooner than you think. Such is the unpredictable game of love after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Will We Ever Slow Down: Tampa Bay rockers The Paper Airport urge us to take a reflective moment on debut ‘Turning’

Formerly known as FAM, The Paper Airport fly in speedily with the terrifically introspective debut single that importantly speaks about how the world needs to slow down for its own good on ‘Turning‘.

The Paper Airport is a highly-zestful Tampa Bay-based three-piece indie rock band. They cultivate that striking sound that wacks the speakers off the table, as they kindly drive us into the right direction.

We wrote this one during quarantine, remote from each other about the state of the world and how we need to slow down; otherwise, our actions could prematurely make our species extinct. And how we hope for a better future, but we aren’t sure we will get one.” – The Paper Airport

His indefatigable vocals are superbly impassioned and busts compassionately inside your curious mind with hearty appeal – as this excellent band back him up with a sparkling sound – that sprightly soars with tremendous abandon.

Turning‘ from dynamic Tampa Bay, USA-based theme-park dropouts The Paper Airport, change direction with a new name and a fantastic debut track. They bounce in with a stylish three-pointer and impress highly with such a smooth sound – that certainly has you listening rather intently – and calms your mind to refresh your perspective. This is a top act who deserve our attention.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The First Chapter: Kiss Kanoo impresses on electric new journey to start fresh with ‘Outta Time’

Whilst sending us a pulsating synthwave beat that streams blood from her eye, Kiss Kanoo moves away from those who have sucked away her kind energies for their own selfish gains on ‘Outta Time‘.

Kiss Kanoo is a striking London, England-based, Italian-born, USA and Australia-raised indie dark-pop artist. She has a focused mysterious edge to her and is always looking to evolve the music style, to exciting new levels of intrigue.

Outta Time is about giving chances to the wrong people who end up taking advantage of you, mercilessly. We all encounter these type of people in our lives, but in this case they are running out of time, ‘Outta Time’ because it’s time to cut them off. I wanted to conceptualize this message with rolling waves of synth leads, moody atmospherics and crisply delivered vocals.” – Kiss Kanoo

This is a terrific music video that shows her intent, her voice is meaningful and full of frustration with this situation she wants to close the door on, as he are let into a wave of soundscapes that has your heart beating faster and nodding your head to the breathtaking beat.

Outta Time‘ from the absorbing Fashionista and London-based dark-pop artist Kiss Kanoo, has us looking upwards to find peace from our decisions. Some people just don’t deserve our time and need to be left in the dark, as we move to the welcoming light and switch them off for good. The soul needs good humans to elevate, otherwise you will only go into a downward spiral forever.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pull Me Way Down Under: Elizabeth II walks away from the past on ‘All My Failures’

With an electrifying start that shakes you by the heart and vibrates into your excited soul, Elizabeth II rocks in hot with a terrific new single that sees her in top form with ‘All My Failures‘.

Elizabeth Cannon aka Elizabeth II, is a compellingly stirring indie alt-rock guitarist and singer-songwriter from Washington D.C. She makes that epic music soundtrack that should be in movies, with stories about life, love, and making use of your opportunities in life.

You feel the shake of the brittle speakers as they shudder under the might of this full-paced song with grit, as she is clearly a master at her chosen craft and we are treated to a forceful song, that catches you unawares at first. Each riff is so riveting and has you feeling like you need to turn the volume up, which is always a good sign of a world class song.

All My Failures‘ from the wildly talented Washington D.C. alt-rock artist with strikingly beautiful blue hair and with superior guitar skills plus an outstanding voice Elizabeth II, sings with such heart about her journey up until this point. Her consistency is so impressive as she lets us into her life, and looks to brush off the past and only focus on being successful.

Elizabeth II has that extra determination and heartfelt desire – that sets her apart from the rest and is a modern day rock sensation – who will surely light up many a music festival in 2022.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Missing You: New York rapper Jon Harris wonders if she feels the same on ‘Think of Me’ (Lyric Video)

With a frustrated demeanor as he wishes that things could of been vastly different, Jon Harris thinks back to the memory of when they were together with some regret on ‘Think of Me’ (Lyric Video).

Jon Harris is an underground New York City-based hip-hop artist, college graduate and music producer. He makes that true life experience sound about the dream of finding that true human connection, goals he has set for himself and about finding that true love.

Influenced heavily by elite hip-hop legends such as Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Tupac, B.I.G and J Cole, this is a young artist on a mission to show the world his poetically stimulating lyrics, and to separate himself from the rest of the hungry pack.

He raps with so much vigor and gritty energy — which has you feeling his shred like a grater slicing through cheese — as he brings us that real flow, during a song that has so much honesty and is clearly a personal track.

Think of Me’ (Lyric Video) from New York-based producer-hip-hop artist Jon Harris, has you thinking about that moment when you miss them so much and need to express it instantly. He has a way of gripping your attention like tight hands on a steering wheel — and takes us for a reflective ride — with no happy ending.

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Run That Back: Long Beach rapper Trapboy JT doesn’t have time for games ‘No Play’ (Run That Bacc)

As he closes the circle on his crew to make sure that they are tight as can be to avoid future unexpected leaks, Trapboy JT runs the three point shot in his new flashy music video named ‘No Play(Run That Bacc).

Slurmz McKenzie aka Trapboy JT, is an emerging Long Beach, California, USA-based indie rapper. He was recently in jail for various crimes and since coming out from this place you never want to be in, has flipped his life around. The aim now is just to make good music and to never go back behind bars.

The quick-fire beat blusters with good views on the video — with a popular trap-style that flips the script on your day — as his eloquent lyrics has you listening closely, to what his next moves are.

No Play(Run That Bacc) from the youthful Long Beach, California trap rapper Trapboy JT, shows us that the time for work is now. The time for childish games and spending time away from making his hard-earned paper is over. He knows what he needs to do now and slams the phone down on undesirable distractions, that may of taken his mind away from true priorities before. No longer.

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