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ZeNith releases Rap track Diamonds ft SADI

Boston-based rap duo ZeNith has dropped their recent track ‘Diamond’ ft SADI a Rap and R&B infused single.

Pulling inspirations from Kendrick Lamar, talking about important topics to do with mental health, upbringing, love through their talent of creating meaningful lyrics as they turn it into their own style through their way of Rap. It’s a fairly short track, but you do get a taste of what they have to offer in that time, the pulsing beat that comes through the vocals as the lyrics are repeated in the background in a more distorted deep tone.

Incorporating the sound effect of a record being mixed, and the flow of the variety of sounds that intertwine into the overall rhythm of the track, the vocals are very much keeping it at that low-pitch, keeping it honest and explicit and having that fast pace to it keeping it engaging and upbeat.

If R&B is your thing and you’re looking for new music to listen to be sure to check this one out by ZeNith.

Check out ZeNith ft SADI’s recent single by heading on over to Spotify for yourself now.

Review by Karley Myall


Renold ft Donavan has released latest track Ya Boi Can’t Dance: Two Rappers collide for this infectious Hip-Hop single

Renold releases ‘Ya Boi Can’t Dance’ with Donavan Burt, the two rappers create this insanely catchy Hip-Hop piece.

This one indulges in the essence of creating something that will be stuck in the listeners head, giving it that melody that hooks you in, having that lively beat, that gives off this uplifting feeling. The beat is hard, it stands out and pulses through the Rap. The way it flows and everything pulls together is what makes this piece such a hit.

Creating lyrics that have this strong meaning, telling a story through the gentle Rap, adding in the feelings behind the words. Two diverse vocal ranges come into play here, ones very mellowed out, keeping it at that slow pace and tending to drag the words out. The other has more energy coming through, it’s rough and tends to pick up the pace in some spots.

If Hip-Hop is your thing and you like a super catchy Rap then be sure to check this one out.

Listen to Ya Boi Can’t Dance with Renold and Donavan Burt by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Dev releases Bad Habits ft Dru Smith prod. Franky Wahoo x scandibeats

Rapper Dev has released his latest track ‘Bad Habits’ alongside Dru Smith, embracing that Hip-Hop and Rap style.

Emphasising the topic of relationship conflict, through the lyrical approach these lyrics hit in a different way, it shares its own story and gives off its own range of emotions through the words that are Rapped perfectly throughout.

Having this catchy rhythm that intertwines with the vocals from both artists, one being fairly deep and gravely, keeping that same pitch and pace all the way through. Whilst combining a more modulated vocal, giving the piece different types of tones of voice and it flowing in such an interesting way.

Listen to Dev Bad Habits ft Dru Smith prod. Franky Wahoo x scandibeats by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


ZEU releases most recent track Death Song: Gothic Alternative Rock at it’s finest

Hailing from the United States, Alternative Rock Zeu have released ‘Death Song’. A true reminiscing essence of Gothic, it’s strange, dark and mysterious but that’s why you just have to love it.

Starting off with this insane instrumentation that gives it this distorted sound, really embracing them Gothic overtones, pulling inspiration away from bands such as The Cure. ZEU has many talents when it comes to creating music, the way in which they intertwine their specific sound and make every second stand out.

They apply their uniqueness to a variety of popular genres of music, but yet they embrace adding their sound, personality and of course a little bit of edginess.

ZEU has a lot to offer to the music world and I’m sure it’ll be very welcoming to them, with such an incredible sound and a whole load of darkness, you must check this out.

Check out ZEU Death Song by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


OG (Prod.treetime) single by rapper Kozie

‘OG (Prod.treetime)by Kozie is one to listen to if you’re into Rap, RnB and Hip-Hop, it’s honest to say the least, but he shares his opinion and serves it well.

From start to finish the tempo stays similar, with most Rap especially now it always has its own unique and up-beat rhythm that brings the whole song to another level. This one is very much like that, the drum beats are powerful and loud each beat has this echo that intertwines back into the flow of the Rap.

Even though it is a short track, it all goes well together. Sometimes with genres like Rap beats can become overpowering and can completely cut off the vocals, or in some cases the instrumental lacks creativity and the Rap is perfect. With this the beat and vocals never sway too far from each other, they both stand out in their own ways and it’s impressive.

Kozie nails the Hip-Hop, Rap and RnB style he was shooting for, the up and coming artist knows how to Rap, how to create lyrics that are strong and a rhythm to go with it that you just have to love.

If you want to check out OG (Prod.treetime) by Kozie head on over to SoundCloud.

Review by Karley Myall


Kaqeo Vega – Wilyn : A new Ice-cool lyrical Vibe

This song has that smooth cool attitude that’s hot and all tasty – it tastes of nothing like crimson but like a cream crispy dessert. Kaqeo might as well have gotten his musical influence from the “black beetle” crooner Rae Sremmurd because his style of rap isn’t quite too different from theirs.

A balanced music diet is what that’s been served right on this track. “Wilyn” is that perfect mix of every element which characterizes a good music, technically well-toned up and all mashed up in the right proportion to conjure such an awesome smash hit like this one.

The mid-tempo beat of this song is quite alluring and awesome; it might seem too simple but yet captivating.

Pure talent isn’t too hard to find, Kaqeo has a nice lyrics and a good lyrical flow, perhaps this was what made the rapper to be able to weave his word on a smooth glide. The flow of the song is also flawless and clean.

No doubt, there’s definitely still, some more work that’s needed to be done to enable Kaqeo to unleash his full potential because his creativity is top notch.

Being consistently consistent and keeping to his original sound without allowing the industry influence rid him of his precious style he’s already started to create himself, is the only thing that can propel Kaqeo music career to the zenith.

Everything you could possibly ask for in regular cool hip hop/ rap music genre is what “Wilyn” is all about.

Overall, it is decent rap music with an eccentric vibe that’s well structured and organised. I’m looking forward to seeing more nice songs from Kaqeo, and I just hope you won’t disappoint.



TreyDon – B.S.M.N. Eminem Has New Competition.

TreyDon is a relatively new contender to the Hip Hop Rap scene, but he’s possibly the first urban music artist ever to give me chills with his latest release B.S.M.N. No idea what that stands for, it’s part of the ubiquitous mystery that compliments the resonant sounds of the grinding yet ridiculously chilled, synergetic beat that rattles under the domineeringly charismatic lyrical flow.

It’s clear that TreyDon ran at this track with everything he had, using his Eminem style angst matched with dope lyrics in this Hip Hop Rap masterpiece, he shares the same ability to rhyme pretty much everything, bending and breaking syllables to achieve infinite clarity and peace throughout the progression of this track whilst utilising his rich vocal range.

The US based Rapper’s fast flow is hard to keep up with in points throughout the track, where you’re powerless when it comes to being swept along in a whirlwind of the singer song writers feverous passion. Keeping it all together is PICNICTYME who produced the track, polishing it to perfection and making this beat bouncing and irresistible underneath the complexity of the layers.

Check out TreyDon’s latest track on SoundCloud Now:


Kurtis Simmons – Safe Place: Unadulterated Pop Rock

First impressions? This track wouldn’t be out of place on a Disney soundtrack. But beyond that, even as one with more raucous tastes, I became enthralled under the charm that US based Pop Rock artist Kurtis Simmons created with his debut angelic hit ‘Safe Place’.

With a backing track that kind of reminded me of the Lion King, it took a lot for his vocals to win me over, yet ultimately, they did. He leaves the window wide open to his soul, inviting you to come inside with his poetically lyrical fixings which are a constant feature throughout his work. With better direction, as a vocalist Kurtis could be unstoppable. Yet with such sickly melodies the sound hinders his true musical talent, I was waiting for the passion, the anger, the real feeling. But sadly, the cacophony never came. His influences include Steve Perry, Paul McCartney and David Bowie, if only their attitude was more evident throughout his back catalogue.

Safe Place is available to listen to now! Check it out using Soundcloud via the link below:

Check out Kurtis’ website for more information on how to download his music & keep up to date with his tours.


Gene Blank Tests The Power Of Your Love

Gene Blank is a multi-discipline musical creative, writing, producing, mixing and mastering songs across any number of genres and styles. Here we find him indulging in the funkier side of his musical brain. The Power (Of Your Love) was co written with Laszlo Horvath and sits somewhere between energetic blue-eyed soul, dance grooves and jaunty ska where the foot is very much on the musical gas and the result is an infectious delivery of upbeat, upscale, uptown pop funk.

At a collision point where pop contagion smashes into soul vibes, where just enough rock solidity underpins strutting funky moves and then all topped off with vocal hooks so strong you could hang your coat on them, this song and indeed its authors are masters of all that they survey. This is funk ground zero, this is point Blank. They walk a line between unselfconscious cool and industrial strength party anthems creating a sound which has only one function…to get you up and dancing and even on the first play of this wonderfully addictive track, it is difficult to see how it could ever fail.


Superlative Ice – Backdoor: Not for The Faint Hearted.

Superlative Ice or otherwise known as Cameron Mayne is an underground Hip Hop & Rap artist from Compton, United States. Being from Compton Cameron is in no short supply of competition in the rap scene. Yet with Backdoor he’s created a standout hit that from the rest. Once you start to listen to the lyrics, you’ll soon see why. As I naively hit play on the track tiled ‘Backdoor’ I enjoyed the rhythm, the flow, the celebration of melodic resonant sound and reached a state of ubiquitous zen.

Until it dawned on me, that this may have been the most crassly misogynistic tracks I’ve ever had the experience of listening to. Sure, chauvinism is common place in the Hip Hop Rap scene and guns, bitches and bling are part of the fundamental elements of most rap stylings but the lyrics to Backdoor take it just one step too far and are bordering on the grotesque and I can’t wholeheartedly condone the conscious condescension towards women in music in the 21st century.

Whilst Cameron’s sound may not be my cup of tea, for the less easily offended you can check out his hit (if you dare) on the SoundCloud link below: