Cloud Hangs Over Me: The Tennessee Werewolves hears the soul start to scream on Rescue Me

Featuring a super-skilled trio who seem to know exactly what the other is going to do next, The Tennessee Werewolves lays in the dark and waits to be picked up by a compassionate soul as help is needed right now on Rescue Me.

The Tennessee Werewolves is a USA-based indie rock band that loves to make proper music with a fiery underbelly to feed all famished wolves with a proper meal to consume.

Scintillating from all angles with something rather enthralling to endure readily, The Tennessee Werewolves bite through the door and show us what good music sounds like. This is a high-pressured single to dance with all night, as it’s been made with only genuine intentions.

Rescue Me from USA Rockers The Tennessee Werewolves is a rather special single made with so much passion. Soaring with lots of vigour and sending many shivers inside our spines, we find a movie-like soundtrack to fire up sleepy and cold souls. This is bone-splinting stuff for the world to swim deep inside when the waters crash like a tsunami.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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