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In the Caribbean With the Prince | Siôr Boyesen

Scrolling through social media, we’ve all seen the meme about travel – an old Mark Twain quote which reads “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” I think we could add that travel is also fatal to a lack of colour in an artist’s creative palette, where new sounds and sights inspire you to create fresh works upon your return. This was certainly the case with Siôr Boyesen, a UK citizen travelling to the Caribbean who composed the amazingly energetic “Prince of the Favela” (both a song and the title of an EP).

Let’s talk about the title song which opens with sparse drums before going full force into a horn-driven Latin swing beat. The vocals are deeply rhythmic, and border somewhere between rap and recitative poetry. Boyesen’s lyrical style is very classically cool – like if we updated Cab Caloway to 2022 it might sound something like this. There’s sung backup vocals (most likely Boysen himself) which adds a texture I just can’t imagine the song lacking – this is some top-rate production. The horn solo appearing around the 2:30 mark sounds like it could have been lifted right from “Sketches of Spain.”

Fans of neo-swing or electronic jazz will feel right at home with “Prince of the Favela.” It’s sexy, dance-driven, and very hip. It’s nice to know that the artistic culture of the Caribbean continues to inspire musicians and creators from around the world and I have a feeling that Boyesen’s EP will be just as popular there as it is in his native UK.

Check out the track on Spotify.

Living In: UK rapper SA1LOR knows he is destined for warmer times on ‘Cold World’

As he wraps up with the blanket close while skipping channels from all the political nonsense on the telly, SA1LOR shows us his ocean-filled flow that has his mind thinking of how to get out of current circumstances in this ‘Cold World‘.

SA1LOR aka Luke Mason is a youthful indie hip-hop artist who is based in Telford in the United Kingdom who is fairly new to the game but shows us that lyrically he is only advancing.

SA1LOR navigates the sketchy seas of the current world with accomplished aplomb on this chilly track, that has you noticing that he feels like conquering the USA is unquestionably on his schedule. Your senses perk up with the sentiment that he is fed up with the normal and has that bag ready, to see where his hard-working intellect can take him.

Cold World‘ from the promising Telford, UK-based indie rap artist SA1LOR, is the type of track that has you wondering where your next move is. With the winds so gusty and chillingly rampant on your naked body, this is an inspiring soundtrack that shows us a self-confident man who sees so much clearer now. After sipping on too many bottles before he has realized that its time to get that passport out, and see what it’s like in warmer climates.

Check out this immense new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Its Just The Beginning: Tamworth musician Martin Reynolds urges us to never give up on ‘The Sky Ain’t The Limit’

Taken off his terrific new ten-track album named ‘Where There’s Hope‘, Martin Reynolds has us looking up above with a hopeful glance on ‘The Sky Ain’t The Limit‘.

Martin Reynolds is a Tamworth, United Kingdom-based indie folk/blues singer-songwriter, and acclaimed drummer. He fuses that inspiring music that has ready to get stuck in, as you reach for those dreams and never give up no matter what.

Usually found behind the skins for the grunge blues rockers, You Dirty Blue. Martin Reynolds has stepped out from behind the kit to put out his first ever solo record.” – Martin Reynolds

After impressing highly on the debut ‘Strange Days Indeed‘ from March 2021, we find Martin in top form yet again with a sterling effort that is packed full of authentic soul, with his excellently-written lyrics impressing highly.

‘The albums birth took place after the country went into lockdown, Knowing this was on the cards, he borrowed his band mate (Leon James) 24 track mixer and started demoing songs at home. As soon as the first set of restrictions were lifted he headed to his sanctuary (the now defunct Silky Studios) where he began laying tracks down.” – Martin Reynolds

With an inviting voice that has you feeling like you could watch him singing all day long, he has you feeling so calm and relaxed again after the windy storms that are slowly passing. This is so much to like here and the soundscape takes you to a better island – far from the madness and only with positive energy wrapped over your face – like a cold cloth soaked onto your simmering skin after a hot summers day.

The Sky Ain’t The Limit‘ from the tremendous Tamworth, England-based indie singer-songwriter Martin Reynolds, is a wonderfully self-motivating single that has you closing your eyes in belief. You know you need to up your game and never give in, as your goals are waiting for you if you are willing to really go for it and dig in deep. Only the strongest shall survive in this temptation-filled world.

Hear this new track on Spotify and follow his story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The sweet sounds of Leicester: The Gabriels throw us a debut gem into the ‘Loose Canyon’

The Gabriels bring that catchy exciting vibe that is wrapped with tasty goodness, on their electric debut track called. ‘Loose Canyon‘.

Formed due to their love of good music and that jangle crush guitar sweet lovin’, Leicester’s five-piece indie-pop outfit The Gabriels, make that top tier music to turn up and immerse your self into. For a new act they have a mature sound that grips you tight and gives you a hug, with a freshly-poured pint and a cheeky smile.

While anxious England is the mist of a dark and depressing cloud that just won’t go away, this is a caressed song that makes you feel fresh again and ready for that well-needed adventure.

With sweetly honey-lathered vocals and an excellent assortment of electric and acoustic guitars, meshed together as always by the vital drummer, this is a band that is such a pleasurable listen as the smashing solos make it even better on the battered souls, still reeling from evil 2020.

This is story about you love being home but just want to travel again and get out for a while to see other parts of the world. The band are tightly knit and thrill our souls with a debut performance that gets you grooving and moving, with your head bobbing and your feet tapping. The urge to get out of your hometown is massive and this is a highly relatable topic that makes you think of being in the sun, exploring your surroundings and meeting new faces with character.

Loose Canyon‘ from the sensational new Leicester act The Gabriels, is a song that will fill your heart with that genuine joy that is so hard to find in this mysteriously complicated world. They make that special and simply stupendous music that sounds so good and might make you forget to do the dishes.

Hear and see this jangly guitar road-tripping blanket warmer on Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify and see their adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The solo journey is here: L.A. Funeral drops new single to further celebrate independence on ‘Louder Than Alive’

L.A. Funeral is here with a new project and he rides solo on the fantastic second single from his debut twelve-track album ‘Antumbra‘ called ‘Louder Than Alive‘, that finds us listening to an underground legend who puts his whole heart and soul into this.

Bath, England-based producer, composer and multi-skilled Jamie Floyde has been heavily involved in the South West, UK music scene for well over a decade, fronting various bands and entrenching his name as one of the best around.

After covid-19 wiped out all of his planned gigs, becoming a solo artist became a natural journey and the results prove this was the correct decision to make.

With his smooth voice and electric guitar on full form, this is the story about finding that fire inside you and how she weaves webs across your soul and how you feel alive again. She has lit a fuse in your body and you feel like you are brighter, happier and don’t want this feeling to ever go away.

Louder Than Alive‘ is the statement indie-rock single from Bath’s L.A. Funeral and he is in inspired form, with a song that shows his creative side, excellent guitarist skills and a voice that is gritty and raw with delight. Unshackled from band life, this is only the start of this new and exciting adventure that he has decided to embark on.

With a self-motivated attitude, realistic goals and plenty of heart, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Hear this top notch new single on his Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Birmingham’s Nathan Maurice sends tribute in tough year on ‘And All the Light That Had Ever Existed Ceased to Exist’

Nathan Maurice reflects such beauty in a tough year personally on the new single called ‘And All the Light That Had Ever Existed Ceased to Exist‘.

Nathan Maurice is a Composer and Producer from Birmingham in the UK. Fans of Nils Frahm, Phillip Glass, and Steve Reich may want to prick up their ears for the latest ambient offering of Neo-Classical electronica from up and coming composer who saunters into our world with this fine song.

This piano solo was composed after the passing of a family member and the subsequent emotions. It is for everyone that has lost someone during the pandemic. This is such a traumatic time for this artist and he does the lost family member proud here with a fine tribute.

There are no vocals on this one as we are put in a peaceful world here. I get lost in this song, the pureness is truly spectacular and we are in for a treat here despite the sad undertones.

Nathan Maurice shows us something different on ‘And All the Light That Had Ever Existed Ceased to Exist‘ and this is a rare song that encapsulates a true voyage of self discovery. This is best turned up loud with a glass of wine. Get that bubble bath going, get the candles and refresh the mind. Life is short so reach out to those close to you.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London-based Julia Thomsen rises up with spiritual instrumental ”Sea Energise”

London’s Julia Thomsen is a Neo-classical Film & TV composer who loves to create music that is wholeheartedly inspired by our beautiful nature around us. She returns with ”Sea Energise” and this is an instrumental cinematic masterpiece.

At the age of 5, Julia composed a piano piece to symbolize the weather changing from sunshine to rain to wind and into thunderstorms. This is a life-long creative who shines here on this marvelous piece that is so calming. Julia Thomsen makes music for Relaxation, Yoga Sessions, Spa, Boutique Hotels, Adverts, Film and Television. She just wants to make music for us to enjoy and to remind us to just relax.

Sea Energise” grabs our souls and takes us on a whirlwind of waves that take us into the oceans throughout. Julia Thomsen is a well-known name in the UK scene that is delightfully constructed to give us a song that is truly ahead of other songs in its genre.

Stream this enlightenment here on Soundcloud.

Find out more about Julia here on her Facebook.

For more visuals and music news, head through to Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sugarae struts in with R&B flow on ”VIP”

Sugarae is a 26 year old musician based in Birmingham in England. This is a R&B artist with a huge future and his pushes all his chips on the table with his new single ”VIP”. Since learning how to create music at the age of 14, he is now composing, producing, mixing and mastering his own music. This is a man who knows what he is doing and these are sleek beats.

VIP” is a song all about being noticed and being an important figure when out and about with friends and lovers. Sugarae is busting down the door in the UK scene and it’s hard to ignore this supremely talented artist from Birmingham.

The young artist Sugarae sets the picture with this song being inside a club and he is clearly moving up the ranks. The UK singer is in full form here and no one is going to push him over in 2020.

Click here to hear the new track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Glasgow’s Carla J. Easton wants us to ”Get Lost” in her dreamy beats

That rare moment has just happened. You listen to a new song and you get chills. You know that this is absolute quality and you smile like Goofy. A big silly grin emerges like a hungry sea crab that has smelt dinner from above. ”Get Lost” from Carla J. Easton has just wafted into my lonely room and I just want to dance any worries I have far away into the stars. This might be my new favorite song of 2020. Her voice has me mesmerized.

Released off Olive Grove Records, this a synth infused pop track with dreamy galaxy kisses floating merrily all over the dance floor. I’m actually lost in this song and I like it. This is a much better experience than getting lost at a festival and not finding your tent no matter how much you look.

Produced and Mixed by Stephen Watkins, this is such an intriguing track with a wild beat that keeps the stomp on. Radio play must be on the cards and if not then some cages need to be rattled.

Get Lost” from Carla J. Easton is a world class release that deserves lots of love and affection. I would hug this song if I could. This is an artist that I would travel hours to witness live. 2020 just got a lot better.

Head through to Soundcloud to witness this special soul as she impresses with this striking music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

8udDha bl0od – N1c071n3 GUnn: get into your kookiest mood

Completely unlike what we’ve heard before from 8udDha bl0od, N1c071n3 GUnn brings on a punk energy you may have already experienced during that “God save the queen” era.

Condensed in only 1:59, the song burst out in a guitar rampage that makes you appreciate the rawness of the distortion and overall sound, as if it was a plug-in and play endeavor. That sound – how rough, furious, rock. Love it!

I really hope many of you are ready to be thrown into a moshpit because this track will definitely make you want to start one.

Get into your kookiest mood and go wild with N1c071n3 GUnn on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.