Glasgow’s Carla J. Easton wants us to ”Get Lost” in her dreamy beats

That rare moment has just happened. You listen to a new song and you get chills. You know that this is absolute quality and you smile like Goofy. A big silly grin emerges like a hungry sea crab that has smelt dinner from above. ”Get Lost” from Carla J. Easton has just wafted into my lonely room and I just want to dance any worries I have far away into the stars. This might be my new favorite song of 2020. Her voice has me mesmerized.

Released off Olive Grove Records, this a synth infused pop track with dreamy galaxy kisses floating merrily all over the dance floor. I’m actually lost in this song and I like it. This is a much better experience than getting lost at a festival and not finding your tent no matter how much you look.

Produced and Mixed by Stephen Watkins, this is such an intriguing track with a wild beat that keeps the stomp on. Radio play must be on the cards and if not then some cages need to be rattled.

Get Lost” from Carla J. Easton is a world class release that deserves lots of love and affection. I would hug this song if I could. This is an artist that I would travel hours to witness live. 2020 just got a lot better.

Head through to Soundcloud to witness this special soul as she impresses with this striking music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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