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Askil Fangel returns with reflective indie track ”96 Percent”

Askil Fangel is composer, bassist and vocalist who is based in vibrant London. The London-based Norwegian musician who is a self-confessed coffee addict returns with the reflective new single called ”96 Percent”.

96 Percent” is a chilled indie song that has a tasty mixture of indie and electronic music. I find this to be quite a reflective journey from Askil. This is about talking things through with a close friend to get the full picture. It’s all about getting things straight in your head and making a plan on how to help both of you.

Askil Fangel shines on ”96 Percent” and he has such a unique voice that keeps you listening intently. He is a true storyteller and I feel like I’m on a train while listening to him. I’m looking outside and thinking very deeply, perhaps even over-thinking things. This is a very self-reflective song that makes me feel a little bit sad but I enjoy the sound and my head is always swaying along to the quality musicianship.

Stream this soulfully chilled song here on Spotify.

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Benny James stamps his foot down on disco groove track ”Get Out Of My House”

The Hague, Netherlands is the home of Tech House DJ and fashion icon, Benny James. He is back on the airwaves with his freshest release yet. This new funky disco track is an absolute statement song and is called ”Get Out Of My House”.

Get Out Of My House” from Benny James is such a fun ride that doesn’t let you go the whole way. This is a fun song to listen to and I even dusted off my dance shoes for this one. Benny takes us into his world with a party vibe that makes you smile and jive along.

This is a perfect song to turn up loud at a house party and enjoy with friends. Benny James has a magnetic energy that glides through the speakers. ”Get Out Of My House” might be the grooviest house tune you hear all year.

Stream this funky house track right here on Spotify.

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Ross Alan sings his way out of heartbreak with ”Sagittarius”

The ever-evolving Ross Alan is a pop singer-songwriter who resides in Chicago in the USA. He returns with his vibrant new single called ”Sagittarius”.

Formerly known as Ross Jernigan and now residing in Chicago, Ross Alan has re-branded name-wise and with his new album, ”Cold Blooded” that dropped on July 10th- he is only rising high in the music world.

Sagittarius” is all about thinking that you are over that special person in your life. Things were good and then they fell apart unfortunately. Are you truly over them? This is the story here and the feeling is that Ross is over that lover now but will it last is the question.

Ross Alan does well on ”Sagittarius” and shows off his strong voice with a solid effort here. He is real talent who is only just getting started.

Stream this new R&B/Pop song right here on his Spotify music channel.

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Art_ILL and 1ove ride in with cruisin’ soundtrack ”Azaleas Pollen”

Taken off the new album ”Cherry Leaves”, this super track starts off with such grace and beauty. This is the new release from Art_ILL ft 1ove. ”Azaleas Pollen” is the name and this is a quality Hip Hop release.

Art_ILL is an underground rapper from Wheaton in Maryland. He utilizes dark eerie sounding beats reminiscent of the feel you would get from Noir movie scores, combined with a lyrical prowess and storytelling ability that creates the style he calls: Noir Rap.

I love the succulent female vocals on this track as they put me in a happy mood. Mixed with Art’s enthusiastic wordplay, this makes the release a fine addition in 2020.  ”Azaleas Pollen” has a jazzy hip hop feel to it with some new school beats. Art_ILL and 1ove ride in style here and this is a tasty track that gives us what we need. This is a perfect song for riding around with your homies on a hot summers day with the roof down low.

Stream the track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Clapham band Matty Long and The LoveGuns raise the standard on ”Sunshine Love”

Matty Long and The LoveGuns are a 4-piece indie rock act from South London and these talented lads are back with the funky-fresh single called ”Sunshine Love”.

You will need to turn your phone off, put your shades on turn up the volume for this one. With the click of a tape being injected into the old school player, I got the feeling that this had to be a good song. This is indeed the case and the Clapham-based band press play on 2020 with this fine release. This is a summer track for sure, with the excellent guitar solo’s, raw vocals and rumbustious drums. This is a band on the rise and they know it.

Sunshine Love” from Matty Long and The LoveGuns is about that summer love, good and bad decisions. This is a groovy song with world class musicianship from the fast-rising London band who must be itching to get back on stage.

Matty Long and The LoveGuns are one the UK’s most promising acts and they rock out to incredible heights on their new single. This is an essential listen indeed as the exciting band raise the standard of songs in 2020.

Click here to hear this top track on Spotify.

Facebook is the place to find out when the boys are live again.

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Polish artist KAŚKA brings the beauty back to 2020 with the electrifying ”Insomaniac”

KAŚKA is a Polish singer-songwriter and producer based in South East London in England. She absolutely rips through the mic with her outstanding new single called ”Insomaniac”.

Electronics, jazz, hip-hop and ambient music is the vibe here. The song washes away all doubt in my heart and I feel like I’m living in a dream, floating on clouds with KAŚKA right beside me.

Pre-covid, KAŚKA was doing a postgraduate degree in Popular Music at the prestigious Goldsmiths University in London. This is a musician that is pushing herself to be the best version of herself.

Insomaniac is a word that she created to describe a person who enjoys staying up late at night. This track is her celebration of the night and its unique sounds and vibe. As a night owl myself, I totally relate to this idea and notion.

Polish musician KAŚKA’s ”Insomaniac” catapults her right to the top of my music playlist. This is a song to be enjoyed late at night of course, while watching the stars or meditating to relax. I love everything about this track and feel so much more relaxed. The layers here are breathtaking- from the rattlesnake-sounding shakers at the beginning to the electronic influences that slithers through the skin of the track. This is an outstanding effort.

Stream this wonderful song on SoundCloud.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Candian artist Avry soothes the nights tension with new track ”Close To Me”

Avry is a singer-songwriter from Toronto in beautiful Canada. He sets the dance floor alight with his hot new R&B effort called ”Close To Me”.

The Vancouver-born singer is in top form here and this is a wonderful song. It’s pure and full of sultry lyrics. You can feel the tension here that is soothed by the sexy style and wordplay.

Avry is also part of a trio named 4.0.4 with fellow producer Memblm and vocalist NS. He rides solo on this one and the new song is full of R&B/Pop fusion that makes your feet move.

Close To Me” is all about wanting to spend time with that special person in your life. You want to be close to them but aren’t putting too much pressure in the moment. Keeping things natural is the way forward here and seeing what happens. You don’t want to lose the free-spirit in your life but would love nothing more than being with them all the time.

This is one of the smoothest song of 2020 that has a great message to it. Avry is in fine voice here on ”Close To Me” as he seductively enters into our world with this tremendous effort.

Check out the Spotify link for this song and show support there.

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Orphic Decor’s ”Ida” is debut track from fine young artist

This song was written, produced and recorded by Jacob Tait aka Orphic Decor. Ida” is the name of this track and it is well-received here in 2020.

The New Zealand artist impresses on this new song. It starts off broodingly with a sinister undertone. Soon, the vocals are intact and we get a taste of the talent here. ”Ida” is about wanting someone to stay but you also know deep down that nothing lasts forever. You hear the pain and passion of Jacob’s lyrics and in his voice here, he gives it all he has.

Orphic Decor sings so well on ”Ida” and the production is quite magnificent. I love how the beat changes up and keeps you on your toes. This is perfect for a Sunday afternoon chilled when you need to re-calibrate after a long week. The New Zealand artist brings out one of the more mysterious songs of 2020 that needs to be listened to closely.

Stream the new song from this fine young artist on his growing Spotify music page.

Find out more about this artist on his Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


David Givens shows us his strong vocals on new R&B track ”Delusional”

South Carolina native David Givens is a USA based singer-songwriter who performs mainly Pop/R&B and EDM.

Delusional” is the new and powerful single release from Trinidadian David Givens and he gives it all on this one. With a strong voice and lots of passion, this experienced singer impresses on this new song. This is all about knowing someone that things that they have control over you but they don’t at all. David makes it very clear that this isn’t the case in no uncertain terms.

David began performing when was a child and began his life as a pull-time performer in 2015. He maintains his proud Southern Gospel influence he gained growing up in Green Pond in South Carolina.

After the success of his previous work, David is hard at work with his upcoming album ”Phoenix” which is set to drop in 2021. This is a fine musician with a bright future as he has what it takes to reach the top.

Stream this new track right here on Spotify.

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Leeds singer-songwriter Carmen McLean reminds us to ”Slow Down”

Carmen McLean a 22 year old songwriter based in Leeds in England. She is tremendous talent who is back with an important message with her indie folk message called ”Slow Down”.

Slow Down” is a perfect song for current times by the stunningly voiced Carmen McLean from lovely Leeds in the UK. She is so self-aware and makes the valid point that we all just need to slow right now in order to be happy. With a fast-paced world and so much going on, we need to center ourselves and take it easy.

Carmen McLean is a fantastic young artist who showcases her talent splendidly here. She plays the guitar with such heart and love. Carmen is one to watch on the UK soon and her calm style and intricate indie folk vibes are a wonder to the ears. Her soulful music adds a touch a class to a wild year.

Slow Down” is one of the most peaceful tracks you will hear in 2020.

Hear this peaceful track to heal those fears on Spotify.

Find out more about Carmen on her Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen