Remembering that real love: Robert Emms is breathlessly brilliant on debut release ‘Hold Me Lost Boy’

The soft piano start percolates your interest right away and you feel as though this is going to be a worthwhile listen of deep magnitudes. This feeling is backed up by a singer who is clearly feeling pain and loss from a relationship he cherished very much. UK based Actor/Musician Robert Emms sprinkles our ears with something that was so carefully made, and should be cherished on his debut song called ‘Hold Me Lost Boy‘.

Robert Emms is a renowned English film, stage, and television actor, who is now making his mark in the music scene and the results are rather fantastic. His voice is so perfectly expressive, each word is so meaningful, and the beauty of the song is a real treat to the ears of the uninspired.

His voice sweetly guides you through the song like its honey-tipped, the track made with love and regret. The sadness is personified through each sentence, as we wonder if he will every see his lover again. The warm embrace of the past hovers over the story, the lyrics so genuine and kind.

The journey to finding true love is a long and winding road, with many twists and turns that might lead you in the wrong direction sometimes. This is a song that help with closure, you want that warm embrace again from the person you loved but they went away and you need to find a new path to happiness.

Hold Me Lost Boy‘ from the wildly talented soul of Robert Emms, transports you into so much thought, as you reminisce about your own experiences with love and lust. This adds some comfort among the sadness as we all look for that special human, that loves you for who you are, deep inside your soul.

Hold someone you love close as you listen to this special song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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