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Never Get Another One: Radiant Chicago RnB artist Vesta shines beautifully on ‘Personality’

Taken off the latest thirteen-track album named ‘Hydra‘, Vesta lets it be known that we have only one ‘Personality‘ so its best to use it wisely and be yourself always.

Vesta is a Los Angeles, California-born, San Francisco-raised, Chicago-based, queer indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter. Music with a purpose is the mission here, as there is a classy vibe that has been created to assist others in being themselves no matter what.

Vesta’s interest in music production began after listening to Daft Punk’s Alive 2007, as began their mixing skill with Ableton Live. Progressing from house to a more relaxed style akin to that of Sade or Raveena, Vesta slowly began to incorporate their own writing and voice into their music.” ~ Vesta

There is much to love from an underground artist of this quality, with a true story that so many of us seem to easily forget. With so many people trying to copy bad role models daily, this is the kind of refreshing correction the youth need to digest and never forget the taste of.

Personality‘ from the highly creative Chicago-based indie RnB/soul artist Vesta, is the message that should reverberate about our hungry-for-realness hearts and adds an extra glow of love to proceedings. The vocals are crystal and pure, created with a dazzling display of that intriguing goodness. which is much-needed in this at-times selfish world.

This is the type of peachy track to put on when you need reminding – that you should always be yourself no matter what – and express yourself to be fully understood in this treasured life of ours.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding My Purpose: San Francisco pop artist Theredsafari rides for the right cause on ‘Ain’t Rich Yet’

After losing himself into the jungle-ridden eight-track ‘Safari World: The Lost EP‘ with his fresh Nike’s on recently, Theredsafari pledges to make it up to those who backed him when he had nothing on the inspiring new single about reaching those manifested goals on ‘Ain’t Rich Yet‘.

Theredsafari is a melodic Indian pop artist who is based in San Francisco. He has the inner desire to keep on hustling no matter what his bank account says, as he seems to sing with a real long-term idea in mind.

Keep goin bro all u need is 1 person 2 believe in u.” ~ Theredsafari

On stunning visuals inside a vast mansion most of us would move into without a second invitation, he opens the massive door and shows us into the life which is possible. This is the message of never giving up no matter what, as succeeding spiritually, matters as much as how much paper you have to count.

With glorious vocals and heartfelt lyrics who feel like they are out of a motivational movie, he sings with such a highly motivated spring in his step. Each note is performed with a promising ambiance which has you totally enthralled into the moment, as you clean your shoes to take that all-important step outside into the world again.

Ain’t Rich Yet‘ from the San Francisco-based Indian pop solo artist Theredsafari, is the story of keeping those in mind who never left you for dead when they could of lost your number for good. He sings with a real winnable style and you sense that this is a mentality he has deep inside, as he looks to the future which seems like it is ready for him.

When you are on the way to finding that true purpose in life, doors seem to open that lead to you into the promised land.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

San Francisco delivers driving alt-indie in his latest single, ‘Night Drive’

After a successful debut, Welsh alt-indie singer-songwriter San Francisco (Iwan Grant) is set to release their highly anticipated single, ‘Night Drive’, which switches up his sound from his preceding singles to expose a softer side; but the sonic guitars still made the cut.

The indie-rock jam practically leaves trails of headlights and streetlamps in your eyes as you listen to the viscerally sticky-sweet anthem unfold, exuding the same angular popping fretboard ingenuity as the likes of Johnny Marr and Aaron Dessner. Even with the reminiscences, Night Drive carries plenty of the artist’s distinctive style. Any fans of indie big riffs and catchy choruses will be literally and figuratively hooked.

You can check out San Francisco on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chasing Those Stars: Lindsey Marie is the ‘Shure Thing’ on terrific new single

With her much-anticipated album ‘Good Girl‘ on the way, Lindsey Marie teases us with her stunning new single that will have you smiling for days on ‘Shure Thing‘.

Solvang, California-born, San Francisco, California-based Lindsey Marie, is an emerging indie-pop singer-songwriter/producer and fit trail runner with a kind soul, her music is real and sweetly textured as she sings about love, life and finding the one who truly gets her.

Inspired by artists such as Phoenix, SZA, Beach House, Odesza, and Billie Holiday, her thrilling voice is crystal clear with so much love and pureness, each note streams vividly into your content mind with an elite sound that will have you shaking in delight.

This is the story about being past the pettiness and chasing anyone, your mind is made up on where you want to go and that is what you are going to do no matter what.

You feel her vocal delivery in the deepest parts of your fragile bones, as they eagerly creak a little bit with her powerful tone that sparkles like the stars at night. This is a quality artist who has been manifesting her energies during this bleak time in the world – as you feel her time is coming to shine bright – while you close you eyes in delight at her wonderful talent.

Shure Thing‘ from San Francisco’s terrific indie-pop artist Lindsey Marie, is a glorious single about being so focused that she doesn’t have time for just anyone, as he reaches for what her dreams are up above. She has no time for games and puts together a special single here that shows her growing independence that is mightily impressive.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Lonely Pandemic: K.F.M. drops reflectively real six-track EDM EP all about the ‘Exile’

With an ominously intriguing edge infused deeply inside his mysterious electronically flavored music, K.F.M. shares our frustrations of these wild locked inside times, with his new cinematic six-track EP release called ‘Exile‘.

Kevin Moses aka K.F.M. is a thriving San Jose, California-born, San Francisco-based producer, sound engineer and film student, with a deep feel to him as he makes music about current times, carefully exploring the heartfelt sensations born from isolation and being forced inside, due to this horrific pandemic.

It feels like you are in a different dimension on this fascinating release, as you somehow float above and look down to all the sadness and loneliness everywhere. Each song is flawless with no fillers, instead you feel like you are in a movie – each second feels drawn out and electric – the smooth bass grabs you with the background haunts incredibly evolving, before your very ears.

This is the story about being inside for too long, as you miss those care-free days of doing what you like, seeing who you want to and having almost no restrictions. Eventually the frustration boils over and you need to fly free again, the urge to venture far and wide takes over.

Exile‘ from the superb Cali/San Fran producer K.F.M. is a true tale of how through his film class lessons via Zoom, he created an incredible symbol of expression through his chill and downtempo lathering of goodness, for a fragile heart that is looking for healing.

Luckily, through music we can all find solace and this is a more-than-worthy listen to all of us that miss those hugs and the real human connection, flowing lovingly into our sensitive souls.

Stream this new EP on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Why can’t we accept ourselves: Arja Kraska bravely speaks up and sings with substantial class on ‘Standards’

With her honest insight into a traumatic issue that has been plaguing teenagers and young women for years, Arja Kraska sings so passionately about the blurred ‘Standards‘ made popular by fashion magazines, that only creates unnecessary anxiety for impressionable minds.

Electrifying San Francisco, California-based singer-songwriter Arja Kraska, has grown up with music flowing through her creative veins, from getting the taste of the arts at elementary school, to returning to her true love when she was sixteen years old. She sings with that real passion and her meaningful voice makes your whole body shiver with admiration, at what her message is portraying.

This is the sadly very real story of a talented young woman who has grown up like so many before her, scrolling through airbrushed fashion magazines and looking at skinny models, wishing that she was like them and worrying about her looks.

Her voice grows stronger as the song moves into high gear as she has grown the self-awareness that she is indeed real, while other girls use their looks to get free drinks but inside, are actually unhappy and don’t have anything else to offer the world. She is worried for fellow girls like her, who haven’t been able to break free and instead starve themselves, hurting their malnourished bodies in the process.

Standards‘ from California’s young pop starlet Arja Kraska, is a truthful gem that shows her glorious voice to the world and maturing role model mind at one, realizing that she is on the right path to ignoring mainstream hype that is actually damaging and not helpful for her health in the slightest.

Her real message is one that needs to be heard worldwide, over and over until things change. Accepting yourself is the only way to true freedom and those that truly care about you, will lead you into the right direction of fulfillment with that real love.

Hear this inspiring new track on Spotify and see more from this incredibly gifted young singer on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Masking up to avoid feelings: Boss lady Jackie Hollywood is at her vibrant best on ‘Catch Flights’

The multi-talented Bay Area rapper/poet and thriving radio/TV personality Jackie Hollywood is back with her uniquely entertaining style that catches your attention quickly on the latest Hip Hop-Pop single ‘Catch Flights’.

Her lyrical arsenal is stocked full of catchy rhymes, the enthusiasm makes you smile and this young lady can rap with the best around. She doesn’t take herself too seriously which is so refreshing in a genre that is often filled with flash in the pans who have fake rhymes. You get the feeling here that she puts her heart and soul into every line she drops.

With beats that uplift you quickly and meshes so well with her flavor-filled vocals, this is a song to turn up loud and leave alone. This is a talented and smart woman on a mission to do what she needs to do in order to be successful in life.

Not one to stay too comfortable for any length of time, you get the impression that she is doing what she loves and wants to challenge herself to learn new skills all the time. Staying relevant and fresh in this weird world is the key to opening many doors, that otherwise remain bolted shut unless you know somebody. Ultimately though, you want to be there because of your dope skills.

The San Francisco native and fashion icon boss lady Jackie Hollywood is fiery and fascinating on ‘Catch Flights’. This is the story about not catching feelings and staying true to yourself and your goals. Travelling around and seeing friends is the way forward for this exhilarating talent who has shown that she can do it all. Putting your mind to doing something you have wanted to do and actually doing it, is the best way to live and grow. Being careful about who you fall in love with is so vital too as you can’t afford to have anyone to take you off that flight of life.

Support Jackie via her Spotify, YouTube and see her ever-evolving journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jeremy Sullivan offers a flash of Frisco cool with their latest release ‘Holiday’

Take one part old-school crooner, one part gospel choir, and ten parts blazing hip hop anthem, mix liberally, sprinkle with some poetic lyrical magic, and add a dash of summery pop, and you end up – after liberally baking, of course – with Jeremy Sullivan’s ‘Holiday’.

San Francisco based, and definitively adding a flash of Frisco cool, with ‘Holiday’ Sullivan mixes rap and hip hop with some gospel choir soul and a little bit of old fashioned R&B to produce a track which – like his hometown – effortlessly crosses over boundaries, mixing and merging and enticing everyone in in true San Francisco inclusive style.

Hear ‘Holiday’ on Spotify, or simply hit up

Review by Alex Holmes

San Francisco’s Kiani Alexandra drops new track with sparks flying on ”All Talk”

San Francisco, California is the home of new kid on the block Kiani Alexandra who is a Pop/R&B artist. This fantastic and dynamite singer is back with her new song called ”All Talk”.

The message here is that Kiani doesn’t want to be alone but isn’t allowing herself to be played by anyone again. This young singer shows maturity on her new track and this is a very pleasurable listen. Some people are all talk and Kiani drops the mic while throwing shade at anyone who doesn’t get her vibe.

All Talk” is a terrific new track and I really like Kiani’s voice. This feels like a growing artist with a massive future. The California based singer-songwriter heats up the speakers here with her real talk. This is a musician that is only going to improve as her confidence grows and grows.

Stream on Spotify right now to enjoy this song.

Find out more about live shows and Kiani’s journey via her Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dramatic “Shadow of the Day” of the day cover from Jonathan Galland and Danica Lipetsky

Jonathan Galland is back with a trailer cover of Linkin Park’sShadow of the Day“. The track features the voice of 7 year old Danica Lipetsky who dazzles here with her stunning voice. This is a short song that is very dramatic and could be used for a movie or short play.

French composer Jonathan Galland has studied music in France and in the US for 20 years. After attending a Music section High School in Paris (BTMM), the Superior Institute of Sound Technics (ISTS), and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Galland is finally living off his passion for film music. Classically trained since the age of 6, he is also known for being a versatile composer and music editor.

Jonathan Galland is currently based in San Francisco, California in the US and this is an intriguing song. Danica Lipetsky shows much promise for someone so young and we could be seeing a future star.

Stream this new track right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen