The Lonely Pandemic: K.F.M. drops reflectively real six-track EDM EP all about the ‘Exile’

With an ominously intriguing edge infused deeply inside his mysterious electronically flavored music, K.F.M. shares our frustrations of these wild locked inside times, with his new cinematic six-track EP release called ‘Exile‘.

Kevin Moses aka K.F.M. is a thriving San Jose, California-born, San Francisco-based producer, sound engineer and film student, with a deep feel to him as he makes music about current times, carefully exploring the heartfelt sensations born from isolation and being forced inside, due to this horrific pandemic.

It feels like you are in a different dimension on this fascinating release, as you somehow float above and look down to all the sadness and loneliness everywhere. Each song is flawless with no fillers, instead you feel like you are in a movie – each second feels drawn out and electric – the smooth bass grabs you with the background haunts incredibly evolving, before your very ears.

This is the story about being inside for too long, as you miss those care-free days of doing what you like, seeing who you want to and having almost no restrictions. Eventually the frustration boils over and you need to fly free again, the urge to venture far and wide takes over.

Exile‘ from the superb Cali/San Fran producer K.F.M. is a true tale of how through his film class lessons via Zoom, he created an incredible symbol of expression through his chill and downtempo lathering of goodness, for a fragile heart that is looking for healing.

Luckily, through music we can all find solace and this is a more-than-worthy listen to all of us that miss those hugs and the real human connection, flowing lovingly into our sensitive souls.

Stream this new EP on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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