Interview: Indexisive leads us into the self-growth and Love within

We sat down with the hugely intriguing pro-mental health Charlotte-based multi-genre artist Indexisive recently. We found out about how he got into music, his respect for the sadly departed Javon, videography, Love and we feel genuine appreciation for the legendary Donald Glover. Sit back with a cuppa something warm for this one. Ready? Let’s go.

Welcome and thank you for chatting with us today. Firstly, how did you get your artist name and how did you first get in the game?

I got my artist name cause I was actually a very indecisive person. I didn’t know which genre of music I wanted to really do because I loved so many genres and I thought indexisive perfectly summed up who I was when it came to music. Since I never try to just stick to one genre really, when there are so many sounds to explore.

I actually got into music completely by accident. I actually used to make blogs and comedy videos and was a little bit vine famous when vine was a thing, and ended up wanting to do videography after high school. I ended up shooting music videos for a friend of mine whose no longer with us, RIP Javon. One day while we were shooting some music video footage at a studio he had some extra studio time leftover and asked if I wanted to record something. I thought sure why not and recorded my first song on a lofi beat cause I was really into lofi at the time. This was back in 2015-2016 and back then lofi wasn’t as mainstream as it was today with other people rapping or singing on lofi so my competition wasn’t much. I put out the song and didn’t think anything of it, and a year later after I checked back in and I found out Spotify had ended up promoting it on their playlists and seeing the numbers and followers reaching out to me I figured why not give it a shot, so I owe almost all of that to Jay, may he Rest In Peace.

Please tell us all about your new release?

I wrote Love (threat) because I feel like although Love is such a strong emotion. A lot of people tend to let it cloud their judgement, and there are people out there who know this and will take advantage of it. Some will manipulate you and push you to your mental limits and it’s important to be aware of the person you are actually interacting with, and not the idealized version of them you may have in your head. Putting yourself and your mental first should always be your main priority above all else.

If you could share the stage with any band or solo act, who would it be and why?

Donald Glover for sure, his direction for making his albums more than just music and making them immersive experiences with scripts and a story line through his music videos, or making a screenplay to read while listening to the album in my opinion is incredible. I really wanted to pursues some of these ideas myself but simply didn’t have the budget for something like that at the time.

How would you describe your music to a novice in the game?

I think I would say it’s a between hip-hop at times but extending into alternative, Soul/RB?

I tend to favor more chill music while I’m singing or rapping about certain subjects. But I do have some songs in the vault which are extremely hard rap typically delving darker subjects. But on the other hand I still every once in a while will release a more alternative completely acoustic sounds, so I would say versatile I guess, I feel like every artist should be.

Are you happy with your move to Charlotte NC and what is the scene like there?

I love Charlotte as a city and always have, I just wish more artists or athletes or celebrities who made it big stuck around to actually help the scene grow versus moving out of state. But I have made that a bit of a personal mission of mine to try and help the music scene locally in Charlotte to grow a lot more.

The scene here isn’t as big as I believe it could be but I definitely think we can get it there.

What do you think you’ll miss most about Miami?

Definitely the connections and shows. I met so many big artists and there are so many music opportunities there around every corner it’s almost hard not to do music there. But I always do try to visit when I can.

Last, what are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I would just love to be able to do music full time and go on tour really and meet anybody who listens to my music in person. As much as I love seeing my numbers go up online, it doesn’t mean nearly as much to me as meeting my fans in person and being able to connect with them. I actually make an effort to try and message every person that follows me so I feel like meeting people online I’ve talked to before would also be amazing.

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