SiHow The Doctor shows us that there’s more to life than that bag on ‘Came A Long Way’ (prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats)

Showing us his elevated mentality that shall surely warm your heart beyond the complacent coldness of current times, SiHow The Doctor stamps our soul awake with an inspiring message to relocate what we thought before with ‘Came A Long Way(prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats).

SiHow The Doctor aka Simon Howard is a Santa Cruz, California-born, Miami-based indie hip hop artist who is also a Psychology Professor at the University of Miami.

Draws inspiration for his music from his musical influences Dead Prez, Nas, and J.Cole, his diverse lived experiences going from “EBT to PhD,” being a social psychology professor, and traveling. His music is an auditory extension of who he is as a person: multifaceted, multidimensional, and authentic.” ~ SiHow The Doctor

With a pedigree that is so encouraging to those who are looking for leaders to show them the right way, SiHow The Doctor opens up his story of life with a calming blend of eye-opening lyrics that leads us to that helpful light.

Came A Long Way(prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats) from Miami-based indie Hip hop artist SiHow The Doctor is a song all about winning at life when so many others are wishing for the downfall to arise. With smartly written raps that might have you dreaming of that new life that seems impossible if your eyes have been closed, this is a message of note that the entire world needs to hear loud.

Nothing beats hard work and belief if you want it enough.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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