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Never See Her Again: Silver Magpie wishes his true love would stay behind on ‘The Storm’

As he begins to flap his dusty wings so he can fly to where he deserves to be after sheltering away where it didn’t feel quite right before, Silver Magpie ponders deeply as to why his lover is sailing so far away and not into his arms instead on ‘The Storm’.

Silver Magpie is a Guadalajara, Mexico-born solo indie rock singer-songwriter. He is a creative soul who has hidden his feelings away for too long, as he now expresses himself through his music creations, which only seek to find his true path in this rather confusing world.

Mainly influenced by post-punk/alternative rock bands with some shoegaze/dreamy hints. I’ve always had trouble fitting in, always the weird/nerdish kid at the back of the class.” ~ Silver Magpie

You feel his underdog mentality the whole way through, as he wonders why his love doesn’t turn around and join him hand in hand in again. He is unsure about this new path they have chosen and senses that he should stay behind – even though there could be something exciting waiting for him – if he just took the chance and joined them on the current-filled sailboat.

It took some time to redefine my sound and learn new things to deliver better music. This song is dedicated to all of those who have drifted away (sailing away) from others during this pandemic.” ~ Silver Magpie

The Storm‘ from the motivated Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie artist Silver Magpie, is an emotion-filled journey about the wind-swept thoughts, that are flying dramatically into his reflective mind. He wishes it was calm and easy to work out, but for now his feelings are mixed, as he only thinks about why they left him behind.

Life can take you onto many differing paths. Ultimately, its up to you to work out which way you think the elusive treasure is hidden.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Is There Truth Hidden In Your Lies: Shrt_lyf wonders where the peace is on the emotional ‘Love is All We Got’

After having our minds in absolute awe with the highly creative gem ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s‘ from November 2020, Shrt_lyf continues to amaze with his punchy honest new single about how consuming your mind with the wrong visuals, can make you a monster on ‘Love is All We Got‘.

Shrt_lyf is a dual English and Spanish performing Nuevo León, Mexico-born, USA-based indie alt-pop/rock artist. He is one of the most mind-stimulating artists around – as he makes the type of music which is so smartly performed – and has you feeling so reflective on your journey of surviving this at-times crazy world.

With a catchy beat and potent vocals which are matched by thought-provoking lyrics which are such an intense listen, your heart beats as you are taken through this movie-like story. The respect wasn’t there from the outside who just presumed that he was the insider, as he changed his spots when common sense failed him, and showed who he truly was.

This is a lesson to the world about how relations between the US and the immigrant community is so strained, as the treatment is often horrible, and many kids are sadly put into cages. You feel his emotion sweeping through, as he wishes that this wasn’t the case and common sense would prevail.

Love is All We Got‘ from the USA-based alt rock/pop artist Shrt_lyf, is a true story about how hate can really magnify and stay inside those who choose not to open their eyes. This is a sad story which unfortunately happens too often, as small-minded folks are brain-washed into hating others for selfish reasons.

If only there was true peace and understanding all over the world. Imagine what we would be able to achieve together as one team?

Stream this new video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Those Travels: Atlanta producer/rapper Marsalis dreams of those wild times in ‘Mexico’

As he atmospherically advances our mindset with a smoothly cut freestyle-type of track to transform our constantly changing moods into the much-awaited holiday season, Marsalis imagines the party-filled summer with his beautiful crush on the road trip to ‘Mexico‘.

Marsalis is an emerging Atlanta, Georgia-based music producer, Georgia State University student, audio engineer, hip-hop artist, and brand owner. He is a skilled performer who shows us his experienced production techniques that were born from his hard work and self-belief, in his ever-increasing abilities.

Marsalis is focused on creating new waves of music that are just as enjoyable as artistic. From creating dark moody vibes to creating summer soundtracks, he is an experienced producer who is a part of the new wave of artists that create soundscapes, as well as perform on them.” ~ Marsalis

Mexico‘ from the burgeoning Atlanta, Georgia-based music producer and hip-hop artist Marsalis, is a testament to the positive outlook that has him thinking of better days away in an exotic country, to get away from it all for a while. He displays impressive ability behind the mic with a gritty and eloquently smooth delivery, that is fused with such a memorable voice that you can’t easily forget. This feels like the start of something special for the GA native who seems to have all the right tools in the box, to create something great.

Hear this new single on Spotify and follow the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll Wait For You: Eydrey gracefully returns with the emotionally beautiful ‘Song For You’

After a two year hiatus from releasing original songs so she could focus fully on her debut album ‘Things We Cannot Change‘, that is due for release in late 2021, Eydrey flourishes brilliantly with such elegance on a true life story about holding on for that love you want the most on ‘Song For You‘.

Eydrey is a mesmerizing El Paso, Texas-born, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico-raised indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer. She makes that self-discovery journey type of soundtrack, that is filled with love and stories of heartbreak in this harsh world for sweet souls.

Her stunning voice is so tender and caring, each note is expertly toned and sung with such carefully weighted deliberation. You feel her kind heart opening up slowly, as she warily looks around to make sure that no one is going let her down again. The story of loving someone you probably shouldn’t is real, as you start to wonder if it is actually worth it in the end.

Song For You‘ from the outstanding Texas-based indie-pop songwriter-songwriter/producer Eydrey, is a classy single that has us washed quickly into a love wave that is is so hard to explain. The person who you wish to be with isn’t ready so you have chosen to wait for them despite the possible consequences — no matter how much it hurts you to be alone — and to think of them with someone else, as the thought slowly crushes your tender heart.

Hear this wonderfully beautiful single on Spotify and see her IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Helping her repair the broken heart: Wønder is terrific on new Reggaeton/Latino-Trap track ‘Mejor Sola’

Wønder brings us a wonderful Spanish-language single to immerse ourselves into on the new release called ‘Mejor Sola‘.

Translated to ‘Better Alone‘ in English, this is the relatable story about being there for a friend when she has her heart broken by another man. He threw her heart into the trash, as he was selfish and you were there to pick up the pieces. You are watching her party away her pain which is hard for you to bare, but you must help her, as you are a kind heart and don’t want to see her hurt anymore.

Gustavo Maravilla Cruz, aka Wønder, is a Mexican Latino-Trap and Reggaeton singer-songwriter, and music producer from West Pittsburgh in California, USA. He makes that smooth music that helps your heart heal, while also getting your body to move and groove just right. This is a man who has been doing what he loves since very young, as he was brought into music by his parents who have blessed him with this rare gift and feeling the sounds, all over his body.

His voice echos sweetly through the simmering speakers and you feel a calming energy while listening to him. He brings a caring sensation and the excellent beat is a pleasurable experience on the heartbroken soul inside.

Mejor Sola‘ from the marvelously talented USA/Mexican artist Wønder, is a sensational song that makes you a bit sad, feeling reflective and also has you thinking of those times that you were let down, and how you rose to fixing your heart again. This is a passionate song that hits the heights of your inner-most desires, and has you joining in on the song, singing at the top of your lungs while learning Spanish at the same time.

Perhaps being alone for now is okay if it means you won’t be hurt. Finding that special person that cares about you deep inside, is what we are all looking for after all.

Stream this exciting and flamboyant Latino track on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Arizona’s Ledezma taps his way into the booth with ‘What Is Sound?’

What is Sound?‘ rolls in and this is a top new track from the young producer Ledezma.

Ledezma is an 18 year old electronic music producer & writer who lives on the border between Mexico and the United States. Infusing his music with the sounds of Fleetwood Mac and The Bee Gees, he taught himself to use synthesizers and beat loops very early on. This is an artist that soon figured out what he loved and went for it.

What is Sound?‘ tries to understand the effects that music can have on people and the emotions it can provoke. This is a fine song that morphs as it goes. The vocals are raw and the electro vibe takes you on a fun journey into the galaxy.

Arizona’s Ledezma does well on What is Sound?and this is a song that is well-dished late at night when you are reflecting on life. This is a producer who is on the right path and his music will only improve.

Stream here via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen