Mexico-based electronica artist AAOM drops sizzling organic single Mercy (feat. Cari J)

Overloading our triggered tongues with a lip-nibbling phenomenon to dance with all night as the sun sets, AAOM shows us into a moody underground club that shall find your heart beating with ultimate satisfaction on Mercy (feat. Cari J).

AAOM is a Sinaloa, Mexico-based electronica music producer and filmmaker who fuses in breakbeat and Latin house that might cause you to check your pulse twice.

Following on from the 5-track EP named Baranora from earlier on in 2022, AAOM is incredibly dynamic form here and joins forces with the elegantly classy Cari J to fuse our ears into a whole-new galaxy of utter intrigue. Booming with quality intent and loaded swiftly with head-nodding vibration, to shock our bodies back into a much better place entirely.

Mercy (feat. Cari J) from Sinaloa, Mexico-based electronica music producer AAOM is one of the most ear-catching songs you might stumble on today. With distorted elements, catchy vocals, and a pulsating production that is sure to lift you off your seat, this is a release to cherish for its wonderful authenticity and barraging beats.

Hear this top-notch single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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