Slow Lightning: Mexican band Park Praga drop mesmerizing sky-filled single ‘Tardi Fulgur’

As they glance up above and show us how pretty everything actually is if you look adequately, Park Praga have our minds gazing into that pure beauty that so many people dismiss quickly for some unknown reason on ‘Tardi Fulgur‘.

Park Praga is a mysterious Ciudad Satelite, Mexico-based indie coldwave/shoegaze band with a really mellow style that has you feeling so calm and rather thoughtful after sampling their vibe.

A mute cartoonist who teamed up with his high school ex-girlfriend’s second husband on his Badminton regional final against a runaway chimp.” ~ Park Praga

There are those rare times when you hear a band that fascinates you so much, you have to take a few listens. Park Praga are that band. Their vocals are hard to work out but it doesn’t matter in the slightest, as they soothe all the worries away that you have kept hidden away for too long.

Tardi Fulgur‘ from the Ciudad Satelite, Mexico-based indie coldwave/shoegaze band Park Praga, is a tremendous single that is so pacifying and has your consciousness taking a step back from all the over-stimulation that is so prevalent in current society. With so many of us focusing on our phones, tablets, televisions and laptops, this is a vital reminder to look up and take in the absolutely exquisite view that is often overlooked. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, just to support your minds relaxed state and comprehensively embrace that beauty entrenched into the deepest part of your heart.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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