I Have To Ask: Silver Magpie needs that much-needed closure on ‘Before You Leave’

After gusting our souls away on his first single release in anticipation of his debut album with ‘The Storm‘, Silver Magpie returns with the dance-filled visuals for ‘Before You Leave‘.

Jesús Gutiérrez aka Silver Magpie is a prolific young Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie-rock singer-songwriter and poet who makes that highly reflective music that has you pondering the reasons for lost love.

Mainly influenced by post-punk/alternative rock bands with some shoegaze/dreamy hints. I’ve always had trouble fitting in, always the weird/nerdish kid at the back of the class.” ~ Silver Magpie

As he sings so intimately about a former love and unwraps his bleeding heart out for us to help him pick up and reconstruct again, Silver Magpie brings us a sad tale that so many will truly know what is like. He displays such honesty on this new release, that you can’t help but wonder if he will ever find that all-important closure needed to fly like a free bird into the sky above.

Before You Leave‘ from the Guadalajara, Mexico-born indie-rock singer-songwriter Silver Magpie, is a well-made music video that features some awe-inspiring dancing and his signature mellow tone. This is the story about wondering why it all ended, as you look for peace so that you may move onto a new love that satisfies your entire soul with such joy.

Keeping your delicate heart happy is ultimately the only way to that true blissful long-lasting romance after all.

See this emotional video on YouTube and view more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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