I Can’t Take It Anymore: Humorous The Bronx band House of Weirdos could use a helping hand on ‘Help Me Doctor, Please’

Comprised of a group of childhood friends who all grew up together, House of Weirdos follow the crumbs and head towards the wise man who could possibly assist with the unexplained voices on ‘Help Me Doctor, Please‘.

House of Weirdos is a four-piece The Bronx, New York-based indie funk-rock band. They are a highly experienced act who keep the humor light and full of laughs, as they showcase their electric energy with a terrific track here.

All songs and videos are recorded, produced and edited by House of Weirdos with the help of a handful of weirdo friends.” ~ House of Weirdos

With highly expressive vocals which are finely tuned and featuring a chorus which will have you singing along, this is an entertaining track with lots of heart and shows us their likable style, which is easy to see on this funny single.

Help Me Doctor, Please‘ from The Bronx, New York-based indie funk-rock band House of Weirdos, is a tremendously fun track which tells the story of needing to go for help, but leaving really quickly with the gloves come out for further inspection. On a catchy beat with lots of action on these exciting visuals, this is a track to play to take the edge off serious life decisions, which can really drag you down into the grumpy dumps.

Sometimes you just need to get your mates together with friendly nurses joining the team, and play some kick-ass rock music to sooth any pain away.

See this new video on their YouTube and see more news on their FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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