Don’t Like My Reflection: Selina Laubert leads us into her complex emotions on debut single ‘Most Days’

As she fights her inner demons to smile again despite the sadness deep inside, Selina Laubert puts on her cozy warm coat to avoid the coldness of this often-chilly world on ‘Most Days’.

Finnish-born singer-songwriter/pianist Selina Laubert, is a young and talented musician that fuses her own experiences from life into her deeply personal storytelling, to bring us something special that is emotional and made with honest truth.

This is the story about searching for that inner love, that is currently swamped by your distracted thoughts that need to turn positive quickly. Some days are okay but some are not, each time you know you should be looking upwards to the future, but the past memories still drag you closer to despair each time.

She sings with such sad energy, as she fights to lift herself up while looking for those to help take her hand, so she can feel that she isn’t alone anymore.

Most Days’ from the wonderfully elegant London-based, Finland-born singer Selina Laubert, shows you into the mind of a traumatized woman who is still finding herself, as she deals with her deepest feelings that are so relevant.

Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves when there is so much light within our heart — as the struggles with your own mind blocks the path to ever-lasting happiness — with who you really are. Those small-minded bullies must never win, as they were only hiding their own faults, by being selfishly harsh on others.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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