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Prodigious Australian music producer ZUSO drops memorable 5-track EP Lost In Time

As he shook us wide awake with such a gladly received ear-warmer in March to ignite a feeling that has previously been forgotten, ZUSO drops those summer rays for us to find the moment again as we unravel the knots of life on Lost In Time.

ZUSO aka Gabriel Cuenca is a sensational Southside Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic music producer and DJ who is known as one of the most exciting talents to emerge globally for a while.

Comprising of previous releases Melt Like God, ATLAS and Daydream, this 5-track offering is the culmination of Zuso utilizing ambient textures, melodic lines and compelling synths, to create a hypnotic dreamy soundscape resulting in a euphoric journey of late-night grooves.” ~ ZUSO

Roaming in so calmly with the special navigation-packed ATLAS, transfixing us on the tasty track Aura, dazzling us with a soundtrack to summer in Daydream, cooling us down to face tougher waters on Melt Like Gold and seducing us to be better on Run Free, this is a special EP to swim deeply inside.

Crisp and natural like that perfect cup of water, this is a soothing experience that will get you bathing away the sandy worries of yesterday.

Lost In Time from Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic music producer and DJ ZUSO is a rather mood-transforming release that might put shivers inside the sleeves of your soul. Embraced with velvet-tasting flavour that you might have forgotten amongst the chaos, we find something different to most. There is fun here in droves, but also so much more. Substance is the word that comes to mind as the volume goes up and our mouths close, while our precious eyes lock into the moment like a hungry Wolf about to strike.

If you didn’t get a summer anthem before, you have found one now.

Hear this top-notch EP on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Make Sense: Goshok loves being around these beautiful eyes on Stars Go Dim

Showing us the way to having a happy life in love with kisses overflowing, Goshok hopes that his current love will last forever on the catchy new EDM single that will bring a smile to your face, Stars Go Dim.

Goshok aka Stanislav Sedlacek is a Czech EDM music producer, DJ and songwriter who makes those party tunes that will have you remembering the best night ever.

His ultimate goal is to be the first music producer from Czechia, who performs on big shows like Tomorrowland, Coachella, Balaton Sound and more – on the main stage of the festivals.” ~ Goshok

Gliding through with an absolutely exquisite track that will give you electrifying goosebumps, Goshok drops a real ear-hugger that will be stuck in your head for hours. Packed with quality and a bone-rattling vibe that will elevate your mood, this is a supremely memorable experience you will tell your neighbors about.

Stars Go Dim from Czech EDM music producer, DJ and songwriter Goshok is one of the most euphoric tracks you’re likely to hear today. The beat floats high in the sky and shall get you in the mood to lace up those dancing shoes with your ideal lover gazing romantically at you. Showing us how simple love could be if two souls work as one, while also featuring hugely memorable vocals that will get your head grooving rather sweetly.

When you’re in the moment with someone so special, you believe it will last forever.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Award-winning Cleveland drummer Policy shows us which way to turn from heartbreak on ‘Lost’ (feat. Airinna Namara)

Taken from the brand new 10-track sophomore album release called ‘The Abby Rose‘, Policy knows that it’s time to push away after feeling let down by a selfish soul who had him taken for a fool on, ‘Lost(feat. Airinna Namara).

Mark Buchwald aka Policy is a Cleveland, USA-based indie-pop artist, award-winning drummer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, music producer, composer and sound engineer.

The full-length LP features tracks of pop, alternative, EDM, Hip hop, and electro-pop music with talented collaborators from around the world.” ~ Policy

Returning with another terrific single that has been constructed with his signature gusto and heart, Policy reminds us that sometimes we just need to take the scary plunge and dive away from any poisonous waters.

Lost(feat. Airinna Namara) from Cleveland, USA-based indie-pop artist, drummer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, music producer, composer and sound engineer Policy, is an ear-piercing single about that feeling that strikes hard like a thunderbolt when you know that its time to leave. Showing us that love that you gave which you feel was actually wasted, this is an ode to those who had the courage to pack their heart into the warm jacket and leave for friendlier climates. In fact, this is also a message for those who have often thought about this very moment but just haven’t quite managed it yet.

Sung with a fearless attitude and with a sizing ambience to truly be impressive by, this is a track that will leave many wondering what our next move could be.

Listen up to this brand new track on Soundcloud and see more info on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sydney-based DJ/music producer ZUSO is quite majestic on his 3rd single, ‘Daydream’

After helping us fly over the rugged mountains on his 2nd release named ‘Atlas‘, ZUSO oozes class on the latest track from this rising talent that shall guide you into the crisp waters of the peaceful ocean with, ‘Daydream‘.

ZUSO is a scintillating Gabriel Cuenca-created Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist/DJ who pulsates our throbbing veins with the type of anthems that shall warm the insides of your soul.

The remainder of 2022 will see Zuso continue to expand his release catalog and flourishing support nationally and internationally, in addition to building on his live performances and headline shows.” ~ ZUSO

With a particularly clean sound that seems to pack a real punch of love and gets you into the zone to achieve anything you want, ZUSO washes away all self-doubts with an exquisite performance that shall hug your speakers in expert fashion.

Daydream‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist/DJ ZUSO is a comprehensively astonishing anthem for summer. It’s rich in terrific textures, packed with enlightening exuberance and features some of the most soul-healing ambiences you are likely to hear this year. This is an extremely exciting artist at work who only seems to make hits, that seems to have the masterful skills needed to help us all forget those pesky and tiring worries.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Underground Pittsburgh rapper/music producer Braykedown sticks to his tracks no matter what others say with, ‘Swervin’

Staying consistent with his hardcore rhymes as he sets up the shop and gets that paper through that ultimate hustle, Braykedown sees those flaky souls moving constantly through the pressure they can’t handle as he only reaches high to gain that empire on, ‘Swervin‘.

Braden Kowalski aka Braykedown is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based indie Hip hop artist, DJ and drummer who is only looking to evolve and be one of the greats in the game no matter the challenges.

Influenced by different artists such as $uicideboy$, Night Lovell, Caskey, Bones, Russ and Juice WRLD.” ~ Braykedown

Dropping a heat-filled missile on the road where others are turning around as they can’t take the temperature, Braykedown revs up the engine and heads towards that place where he will never go hungry again. This is a decisive performance from a self-enlightened rapper/producer who has been down and out, as he now only sees success and victory.

Swervin‘ from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based indie Hip hop artist and music producer Braykedown is a track all about making sure that you step on those slithering snakes in your corner before they bite you and take you down to their poor level. He shows us his determination and hard bars here with a solid beat that might bend your speakers, just the way it was intended.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and check out his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Paul Allen Wright shows us where we need to be headed tonight with his ‘Magic’ (feat. Selene)

Returning with another single off his forthcoming album, Paul Allen Wright sends us a reminder that the party is alive if you want it to be inserted into your awaiting veins on, ‘Magic(feat. Selene).

Paul Allen Wright is an indie electronic music producer and DJ who is based in the USA that continues his journey to becoming one of the most respected names in the game.

His latest album, “From Out Of Nowhere” is not only club-ready but radio-friendly as Paul effortlessly adds to his musical resume by dabbling successfully into the Pop genre.” ~ Paul Allen Wright

With a feet-tappin’ aura that shall steer you off your lazy couch and get you to break into dance moves that might cause your back to be sore the next day, Paul Allen Wright displays expert mastery on this fine new visual that is rather polished and will get your attention back to having fun again.

Magic(feat. Selene) from the USA-based DJ/music producer Paul Allen Wright is such a groovy tune that sends you into a happy world of intrigue and positivity. This is a track to join hands with, dance to, and be inspired by as the beat drops and gets all the bodies on the dance floor exhilarated again, just like nature intended. Paul has a unique ability to get the vibe alive without fuss and shows us yet again that he is the kind of artist that you turn up loud, all night long.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DJ G-String has dropped her reflective trance EP, In the Mirror

After garnering over 1 million Spotify streams since her 2020 debut, the Chicagoland vocal house DJ, DJ G-String has released her 5-track EP, In the Mirror, which contains trance remixes of her five top tracks. Fans of Kaskade, Alice Wonderland and tokimonsta won’t want to miss it.

The Euro-inspired EP kicks off through the entrancing progressions in the remix of the affectionately iron wrought hit, Always, before it careers into All These Nights which unapologetically brings in the bass right on the first beat.

After the entrancing hardstyle beats have had their way with you, you’re thrown into the euphonic 90s-style dance hit, Your Love, before the EP comes to a close with the singles Only If and Runaway, which were remixed by P5YCHOH and Chriszio respectively.

Though the DJ G-String moniker only appeared in 2020, the artist behind it has been ingrained in the music scene for over two decades. She started out as the singer, bassist and lyricist in the rock act, Digging4Julie before blowing up as a vocal house sensation.

Currently, she’s a resident DJ on Good Groove Radio, Secret Lounge Radio, Ibiza Stardust Radio and at the Subterranean Music Venue in Chicago.She has also been lauded by electronica tastemakers such as Run the Trap, Clash Magazine, Dancing Astronaut, We Rave You and DJ Times.

Here’s what DJ G-String had to say about her EP

“The title is a symbolic reflection and celebration of what I have built in this dance music ecosystem so far. It was important to emphasise that we are all unique, and sometimes, you just have to stop and look in the mirror to remember who you are and what you love.”

The In The Mirror EP is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Paul Allen Wright instructs us to keep the flame alive on the funky pop single, ‘Hold On’

Seducing our bodies with something to truly groove with all night long, Paul Allen Wright leads us into the story of wanting to slow things down so that you can keep the heat alive with, ‘Hold On‘.

Paul Allen Wright is a USA-based indie DJ and music producer who is known throughout the world for his strong basslines and happy vibes music to get the blood circulating freely again.

His latest album, “From Out Of Nowhere” is not only club-ready but radio-friendly as Paul effortlessly adds to his musical resume by dabbling successfully into the Pop genre.” ~ Paul Allen Wright

Dusting off any self-doubt and ripping up the script with a fine performance, Paul Allen Wright brings us a super track to play loudly and get the neighbours knocking briskly on the door.

Hold On‘ from USA-based indie DJ and music producer Paul Allen Wright, is a catchy single that will capture your attention and perhaps shall get you climbing on that mission to an exciting ascension. With masterful melodies, sensual vocals and a real pro behind the decks, this is a summertime single when you need to make a statement. Knowing what you want and opening up your words when you need them to work at the optimal time – is such an important skill – when things could fall flat and end forever.

Hear this catchy new tune on Soundcloud and see more from his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian DJ ALBA drops heavy-hitting new speaker-shaking techno track, ‘Stay’

With an assortment of unreleased music ready to be thrown into the ears of techno music fans all over the world, the experienced ALBA returns with a brilliantly awesome reminder of his excellent skill set with, ‘Stay‘.

ALBA is an Australian DJ and dance music producer who makes those foot-sliding singles that get you off your seat and headed to your local club.

Taking a 2-year hiatus and travelling the world to experience more of what music and artists have to offer, He came back to where it all began, taking on his new solo project ‘ALBA.’ Since starting mid-June 2021 he had already secured a residency at a huge Brisbane hot spot whilst also playing other venues and events.” ~ ALBA

With his mind alert and ready to take over the scene to bring all party fans something to play with splendidly, ALBA is on a mission here with a dance-the-night-away track to get those mates together as one, so that you all can have a night that goes into the legendary column forever.

Stay‘ from Australian DJ and dance music producer ALBA, is a thunderously exhilarating new single from an artist who knows what the fans want. After years of sweating in the DJ booth and also taking time to renew his love for the game while learning the world scene, this sounds like a creative reborn. Dropping the bass with confidence and mightily sending us into a new stratosphere with some extra female vocals to seduce us in, this is a track to play loud when you are in the mood to let your hair down and get grooving again.

Hear this absolute ripper on Spotify and enter his world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Night Acclaim embraces that feeling like they just met on the dance/pop single, ‘Beat of Our Hearts’

Dreaming that they could be together and stay tightly wrapped no matter what the rainy clouds outside are doing, Night Acclaim sends our veins throbbing with excitement on the desirable new track to alleviate any trauma with, ‘Beat of Our Hearts‘.

Night Acclaim is a New Jersey, USA-based indie DJ, and indie-pop singer-songwriter who has been in love with creating music his whole life.

As part of this project, he has co-written and collaborated with songwriters and producers such as Hailey Collier (David Guetta, Betty Who) and Pretty Sister (Betty Who, Jordin Sparks).” ~ Night Acclaim

Drifting high with a breathtaking soundtrack for the lovers out there who needed some extra comfort, Night Acclaim has dropped a romantic dance/pop track to truly treasure forever.

Beat of Our Hearts‘ from New Jersey, USA-based indie DJ, indie-pop singer-songwriter Night Acclaim, is a hot new single that might cause our veins to start shaking – like popcorn being made – as you imagine that simple life and being in a loving relationship. This is a track that will have you sweating slightly, with an eager tone that brings you to a wonderful place that was previously hidden away in the back of your memory.

Keeping things simple without silly distractions that aren’t important, is actually the way forward.

Listen up to this catchy new single on Soundcloud and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen