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No Sense Of A Home: Captivating Chicago singer-songwriter Morgan Pirtle would rather run away than be ‘Lost In A World’

Sung with genuine connection and palatable vocals that might have you exuding a small tear, Morgan Pirtle is at her caring and beautiful best with an honest track about finding your way in this strange place we call home with ‘Lost In A World‘.

Morgan Pirtle is an award-winning indie folk/jazz solo artist and storyteller who is based in Chicago, Illinois and sings with such astonishingly real essence on each one of her elegant pieces of art.

Morgan is a Luminarts Fellow in Jazz and a Downbeat Student Music Awards Winner.” ~ Morgan Pirtle

This is the sweet story that so many of us will definitely relate to. Trying to find that cosy home that makes you feel so warm inside all your bones – seems so much harder than before – as you just feel like running away sometimes but aren’t sure where to go.

Morgan Pirtle shows us her incredible angelic soul in full view with this mesmerizing effort that shall have you feeling so much more relaxed than before. She is on top form with a scintillating display that has authentic lyrics of self-examination, which is a soul-healing gem of an experience that is notably exceptional.

Lost In A World‘ from the Chicago, Illinois-based indie folk/jazz solo artist Morgan Pirtle, is one of the more enjoyable listens from 2021. This is a hugely underrated young woman who sings with such a lovable style which gives you happy shivers, as you just lay back – and let her take you into her vividly-described world – that is saturated with that rare kindness we all need to admire.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Running Away: Chicago-based pop act The Mietus Touch helps us find the thrill again on ‘Digits’

Featuring sensually stimulating vocals on a sexy 80’s style beat that will take you places previously forgotten about, The Mietus Touch are quite fabulous via the brand new single that will have you dusting off those dance shoes with ‘Digits‘.

The Mietus Touch is a Chicago-based indie-pop solo act that was created by the well-respected multi-instrumentalist and music producer Joseph Mietus.

With genuinely textured music all about friendship, falling in love, heartbreak, and healing, there is much to be impressed about such a wildly talented artist. He manages to somehow grab your attention with a smoothly delivered piece of ear-soothing music that takes your intrigued soul away to a fascinating illusion.

The Mietus Touch imparts sweet synthesizers, seductive vocals, and sultry grooves on this distinct blend of chilled-out funk glam and golden AM pop.” ~ Joseph Mietus

Digits‘ from the Chicago-based indie-pop solo act The Mietus Touch, is a wonderful manipulation of light and sound from a real wizard, who cleverly transports us into a whole new world that is filled with temptation and alluring delights for us to feast with hungry abandon.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Real Nasty: King Cupid tells it how it is on ‘Only Fans’ (feat. pdwayjayski)

With a rampantly enthused attitude to doing whatever he likes, King Cupid warns the ladies that he is on the prowl to getting that man to join him for some all-night fun on ‘Only Fans(feat. pdwayjayski).

Ellis Lonnie Peal lV aka King Cupid, is a rapper, LGBT activist and social media influencer from the south side of Chicago in the USA.

This is the x-rated story about taking what you believe is yours, from another woman who might not be too happy about what is about to happen. You have seen the opportunity right before you – and are highly intent on grabbing your crush who is clearly into you – as you both gaze happily into each others loved-up eyes.

Only Fans(feat. pdwayjayski) from the Chicago-based indie rapper, LGBT activist and social media influencer King Cupid, shows us an artist who knows exactly what he wants. He sees that man who makes him happy and doesn’t seem to mind that there is going to be some competition in this hunt for that lover to be his. On a speaker-bouncing catchy beat that seems to only get better as the track moves to the chorus, this is a cheeky effort that will be in your curious head all night.

Check out this sassy new single on Spotify and follow all the action via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Defend Our Domain: Entertaining Chicago band Shampoo Drive-Thru excite our intrigued senses on catchy ‘Midnight Roomba’

Taken off their debut album called ‘Next Window Please‘, Shampoo Drive-Thru steam in hot with their sunglasses on and their hair-dryers in hand on the catchy bat-swinging single called ‘Midnight Roomba‘.

Shampoo Drive-Thru is a hair-wig-wearing Chicago-based indie synth rock band who bring in a highly unique music style to the mix for us to gulp on naughtily.

Heavily inspired by world class acts such as Devo and also Paramore, you feel a rampaging blend of ravaging riffs and full-blooded vocals you can’t help but be entertained by.

We are your brand new hairdo pit crew.” ~ Shampoo Drive-Thru

This is an ear-heating single with natural substance, that is highlighted by tasty noises for the soul to nourish on – and includes a real synthy-sandwich mega-meal to munch happily into – as this new band drop this enticingly named single for us to sink our teeth deep inside. With a defend-our-house mentality, this is a fascinating release from an outfit who are packed with creative juices in their cheeky mixer.

Midnight Roomba‘ from the fearless Chicago-based indie synth rock act Shampoo Drive-Thru, races into your mind and revs up your mood to start dancing again as you forget all previous worries. This is the story of defending your home when intruders think that they can roam free like wicked night riders, as you show them who is actually boss in this crib. The call to action track presented will have you stirred like a Bond martini, as you make sure that your castle is well-protected.

Hear their new single on Spotify and check them out on socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Merch On Me: Chicago rapper Yung Chi wants the respect now while he is alive on ‘Love Me Now’

Taken off his just-dropped project called ‘The Manuscript’, Yung Chi returns with his highly popular new visuals for a heart-shaking track all about remembering to be extra careful who you hang with on ‘Love Me Now‘.

Yung Chi is a Chicago-based indie Hip-Hop artist, singer and music producer who raps with a venom-like delivery that bites all haters away from talking trash about him.

You feel his ravaging intensity on a higher level steam through into the hissing speakers around you, as the underground beat slides in hot to let you know that this is for real and not a movie. In a dog-eat-dog world where loyalties are tested to the limit when you least expect it – you feel that you have just seen a world – that shows you the sadly all-too common street struggles right in your face to view for yourself.

Love Me Now‘ from the Chicago-based singer, rapper and music producer Yung Chi, shows us a man on a mission to find that respect while he is still breathing. With so many fake friends loitering around and waiting for him to be gone six feet under, this is a track all about worrying who will claim they were friends with you. Rapped with a warning to those who have alternative options to what is right, this is a stark reminder to be very smart about who you call your family.

See this new visual on YouTube and see more about his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Heartbreak: Heather Mall writes a love letter to herself to help the healing process on ‘Roses for The Wilted’

As she carefully dries her soaked pillow and wonders if she is overreacting, Heather Mall knows that there were some good moments but its time to end this game and move on with the exquisitely sung single ‘Roses for The Wilted‘.

Heather Mall is a Chicago-based indie Pop singer-songwriter. She has over seven years of experience performing in different genres such as classical, jazz, acappella and musical theater.

Heather’s music travels through the emotions that embody the human experience and reminds you of what it’s like to feel alive and present.” ~ Heather Mall

She sings with such a delicate style that is so inspiring and deep for the heart to remember. You don’t want this feeling to happen again and vow to be stronger, as you dry your eyes and tell yourself that this is the last time. There is much to love about an artist who performs about real stories, that have made her armor a fortress and indestructible from future heartbreak.

Roses for The Wilted‘ from the Chicago-based indie Pop solo artist Heather Mall, is a beautifully projected love letter from a simply excellent musician with soul. This is a sad and emotional message about that love you wrapped yourself deep into and got badly burnt – by someone who didn’t mean to hurt you – but did anyway, as you pick up the pieces and say goodbye to an end of a story you wish turned out better.

See this incredible single on YouTube and see more news via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Call Up My Fam: Chicago’s J. Hollins knows its going down tonight on ‘Stand Up’

As he gets the family together so that they can take over the nights proceedings, J. Hollins gets us into the mood to make some calls and dance the night away on ‘Stand Up‘.

J. Hollins aka Casanova Black, is a Chicago-born indie RnB/Soul artist, MC and Entrepreneur, who makes ladies swoon with his transfixing voice and writes well-penned lyrics that have you wishing you wrote them.

This is a true artist who bravely walked away from a cozy major record contract as a writer to continue his own education, as he was creatively unfulfilled making records for other people to be happy about. He mind alive with ideas, that burning sensation inside his soul was heightened to its fullest again after this move to independent status again.

I wanted to get back to what I do best, what the people and the DJs came to love about my music. I also wanted to create a project that celebrates life and allows the audience to have fun while listening.” ~ J. Hollins aka Casanova Black

Stand Up‘ from the Chicago-born indie RnB/Soul solo artist and acclaimed writer J. Hollins, is a fun song filled with sizzle and love, as he heats up the evening and gets us to throwing those hands up. With the world almost back, this is a party ambiance to get you feeling good again. Letting go a bit is needed, with all those stresses that have been building up in our packed lives lately.

Hear this fab new single via his Spotify and catch up with more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Need More: Chicago Alt-Rock act The Relevant hope that we can fix up the mess on ‘Truth Is Gone’

With an emotionally stimulating edge and featuring flourishing vocals backed with riveting riffs, The Relevant are back into our excited hearts and wonder why the ‘Truth Is Gone‘.

The Relevant is a full-paced Chicago-based indie Alt-Rock band who make music to heal the soul and help others to find their smile again.

This ensemble of hardline musicians is committed to capturing the essence of music at its core.” ~ The Relevant

You feel their impressive storytelling come to the fore as they sing about life’s struggles, social injustice and love endeavors, with an honest tone that has you closing your eyes and imagining the world in a simpler form. There is much to admire about their atmospheric energy which seems to have you floating into the sky above, to find a better place that is away from any messy drama.

Truth Is Gone‘ from the Chicago-based Alt-Rock act The Relevant, is a highly passionate track filled with scintillating soundscapes that has you feeling so wildly reflective, as you wonder what has happened to this rather strange world we live in. Made with a tremendously delightful complexion and featuring an uplifting energy, this is a stunning single that will have you thinking much deeper than before.

Hear this terrific track on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Feel So High: San Francisco EDM artist Mellow Marsh is so happy they stuck together on ‘So Proud of You’

With a loving glance at the now and a reflective look at the past which almost ended such a lovely relationship, Mellow Marsh reminds us all that its so important to say thanks to those who you truly care about on ‘So Proud of You‘.

Mellow Marsh is a Chicago-born, San Francisco, California-based indie EDM artist, half of Bay area group Jazzo-Marsh, singer-songwriter, and music producer.

He mixes in RnB, Pop, Hip-Hop and catchy Dance music into one incomparable bundle of happy energy – that is so genuine in nature – as you feel so much more relaxed than before.

He writes his music from a very honest and personal perspective, crafting engaging stories and developed melodies while bringing the excitement of his music through producing and mixing it himself.” ~ Mellow Marsh

So Proud of You‘ from the San Francisco, California-based indie EDM artist, singer-songwriter, and music producer Mellow Marsh, is that groovy praised-soaked experience which shows you that dreams can indeed come true. Things were tough before and the scary battle to pay rent some months was real, as you both somehow joined up and worked it all out.

True love really does shine like a beautiful rainbow, after those windy storms that threatened to break you down into firewood.

Hear this highly likable new track on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Into The Dark: Chicago’s Kay Soul reminds us to keep on growing despite the naysayers on ‘Lost Connection’

With a flourishing voice that warms up your whole body from the cold and lovingly-penned lyrics, Kay Soul intends to keep that pure energy which sets her free from all the unnecessary bad vibes around that can worryingly weigh down your precious thoughts on ‘Lost Connection‘.

Kay Soul is a Chicago, Illinois-based indie RnB/soul solo singer-songwriter and aspiring plus-sized model. She makes such an inspiring blend of music full of love, that has been created to help the world heal again.

This is a such a wonderful effort, packed full of that scintillation-filled vocal ability that Kay Soul is well-known for. She sends us a reflective reminder here about being careful who you surround yourself with – as they have the power to bring negative energy to the light – that can take you under like slippery quick-sand.

Lost Connection‘ from the Chicago, Illinois-based indie RnB/soul artist Kay Soul, is the true story all about wondering why so many people lose their glowing heart and get sucked into manipulation and fake shiny treasures. She sings about keeping that love strong so that you may grow into the person you know you can be – rather than being thrown into the temptation-filled forest fires – that can burn your soul forever and leave you damaged.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via her thriving IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen