Michele Thomas lends her gospel neo-soul vocals to easy listening jazz in her single, I Know Because You Told Me So

The jazzy soulstress, Michele Thomas, has recently released her mould-breaking neo-soul single, I Know Because You Told Me So, which may be one of the most narratively-immersive jazz-fusion singles ever released.

The questioning, bold and introspective lyrics come into play once you’re suitably pacified by the mellifluous instrumental grooves. Becoming invested in the narrative that sheds a light on Thomas’ experience in the world is non-optional. Her gospel-Esque chanteuse vocals allow her vibrant and pure-hearted energy to radiate in the single that carries enough ease to fall into the easy-listening category. Yet, thanks to her vocal performance, I Know Because You Told Me So certainly isn’t without its revitalising zeal.

After finding her voice through gospel music, the Chicago-based singer-songwriter, entrepreneur and educator turned her stylistic grace to the freedom in the improvised nature of jazz. The airwaves are infinitely better for it.

I Know Because You Told Me So is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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