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Kate Keller fantasizes about the unforgettable cologne on debut track, ‘Ghosts’

After proceeding into music full-time and with her debut EP set for release in the summer of 2022, Kate Keller fulfils all of her creative desires with a moving and delightfully memorable performance on ‘Ghosts‘.

Kate Keller is a Chicago-based, New York-born indie singer-songwriter who performs with a natural beauty that warms your whole consciousness into feeling alive again.

After studying vocal performance and psychology in college, Kate went on to immerse herself in the healthcare field, working at Mount Sinai Hospital and recently moving to Chicago to pursue her PhD in clinical psychology.” ~ Kate Keller

You feel the wind gushing gently all over your inner soul when you listen to the transfixing talent that is Kate Keller. She daydreams romantically about the sensual smell and tender touch of a past friend, who could have been a lover but is now a sweet memory in her past life.

Ghosts‘ from Chicago-based, New York-born indie singer-songwriter Kate Keller, is the sensationally-performed debut of an artist who is only just getting started. After moving from home she misses the past and what it all could have been but seems ready now to love again in a new city with so many possibilities.

Being in a new timezone and changing your clock but never altering your core, is the best way to stay true to who you are but also adapt to your new environment.

Hear this lovely single on YouTube and see more of her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Follow You Though: Terry Blade feels rather aggrieved on ‘Eaten Alive’

Taken from his brand new 10-track ‘Neo Queer‘ album, Terry Blade shows us that trapped place that is forcing his mind to wonder why he is in this situation, to begin with on ‘Eaten Alive‘.

Terry Blade is an award-winning Washington, DC-born LGBTQ+ singer-songwriter who is now based in Chicago, Illinois.

He has drawn comparisons to artists such as Meshell Ndegeocello, Macy Gray, and Antony and the Johnsons.” ~ Terry Blade

Featuring such a tremendous beat that is smooth and illuminating, Terry Blade is rather superb on a tale that urges himself to avoid listening too much to someone who he knows should be in his past already.

With vocals that catch your attention quickly and bring you fully into this worrying picture, this is a track to play when you are trying to find the strength deep inside you to seek that escape door and move into calmer waters.

Eaten Alive‘ from the highly respected Chicago, Illinois-based multi-genre musician Terry Blade, is that striking story about feeling like you are locked away with someone who doesn’t respect you but demands that you respect them. The message is real and has your heart beating – as you peek through the curtains – and see someone who is so unhappy but can’t seem to break away just yet.

Listen to this quality single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Christopher Kremer has released his elegantly poetic allusion to languor ‘Electron’

If you still hold a candle for the melancholia of Elliott Smith, consider the new EP from folk singer-songwriter Christopher Kremer as an unmissable release. Major/Minor carries just enough reminiscences to tease nostalgia as the Chicago-based artist leaves you enamoured by his down-but-not-out authenticity.

The soul-fizzingly sweet lead single, Electron, is equally as instrumentally melodious as the most cathartic singles from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. The vocals and lyrics lace the soundscape with an all too relatable languor, but even with the poetic allusions to entropy, the hazy choral textures ensure that Electron resonates as a transcendently uplifting release.

Major/Minor is now available to stream in full via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

See It In Your Eyes: Chicago rock artist Alex Thorn brings the epic 80’s back on ‘Let Me In’

With his long hair flowing into the wind as he looks deep into those sad eyes, Alex Thorn knows that he has something to offer to help soothe that pain away forever on ‘Let Me In‘.

Alex Thorn is a Chicago, Illinois-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter who performs with that old school edge and has our speakers rattling in impressive unison on each one of his creations.

Starting in his early days as an aspiring musician, opportunity led him into the music industry as he played for bands such as Eroz, The Cause, Dangerous Hope, Hidden Truth, and Evolution.” ~ Alex Thorn

Sending us a riff-packed sensational release that will rattle into your ears as you remember trying to be with someone who has so much rigid pain lodged into their hurt soul, Alex Thorn sends us a helpful reminder that it is possible to heal others through quality music.

Let Me In‘ from the Chicago, Illinois-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter Alex Thorn, is a robust single made by someone who truly seems to respect the past and aims to keep this classic genre burning brightly like a campfire in winter. His vocal projection has you in awe of his range and there is much to be enamoured by here on this new pumped-up single. With a story that will resonate with so many, this is a highly worthwhile listen for all those hardcore rock fans out there.

Hear this fine new track on Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Coming Down The Chimney: Chicago singer Jocie Denae drops cheerful Christmas cover classic ‘Happy Holiday’

Bringing us the happy Andy Williams cover that brings you to a smiling place as you get to think about this delightful time of year, Jocie Denae returns with her version of the classic single ‘Happy Holiday‘.

Jocie Denae is a Chicago, Illinois-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and dancer who sings with a youthful vibrance that you can’t help but enjoy.

Through hard work and determination, my dreams become attainable.” ~ Jocie Denae

As she gets us all into the festive spirit to soothe our trepidations away like a kind angel with a red hat on, Jocie Denae shows us into her take on this well-loved cover that has been woven into our consciousness from an early age. Made famous by Williams in 1963, Jocie helps us shake off the gloom and get us into the mood with her ear-shaking vocals that soon eases you into the holiday spirit.

Happy Holiday‘ from Chicago, Illinois-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and dancer Jocie Denae is a sweet effort from someone who clearly loves this treat-filled time of year. She sounds in an inspired mood here – with a track that will bring you back to a time when you loved Christmas like a little kid – who couldn’t wait to wake up early so you could rip open all those presents under the tree.

Hear this lovely audio on YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chandler Poe shows us a sign of our world-weary times with his latest single, decay.

By starting with the resonant admission, “Every day I wake up and I’m already exhausted”, Chandler Poe’s latest single, decay, is a striking sign of our world-weary times. With the same artistic dejection shared by the likes of Arab Strap, John Grant and Jack Ladder paired with the blisters of soul that yearns for something sustaining and real, Chandler Poe taps into the collective loss of meaning to give us a tragically rare visceral emotion hit.

The Bukowski-style downbeat barfly lyrics become infinitely more powerful through Poe’s deep, gravelly vocal timbre that practically oozes sex appeal around the fiery beats and reverb-drenched keys. With more hits in the same vein as this, Chandler Poe has all it takes to become the next alt-indie icon.

Chandler Poe’s latest single, decay, is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Lake Awaits Us: Chicago’s Treneti ignites our hidden flames with ‘Fast Drive On LSD’

Taken off her brand new 10-track album release called ‘A Fertile Nile‘, Treneti captures our awareness sharply on the ear-warming single all about having a ride you won’t quickly forget on the body-tingling ‘Fast Drive On LSD‘.

Treneti Brown aka Treneti is a multi-skilled Chicago, USA-based vocalist, bassist, indie electronic music producer, professional dancer, singer-songwriter, and is known worldwide for her outstanding work in regenerative arts.

Treneti infuses a deep understanding of the importance of embodiment, self-introspection, and healing frequencies into her music. Treneti believes the rhythms and melodies of our ancestors are stored within our DNA. In her song composition process, she engages with this remembrance, bringing forth a truly unique emanation of the sacred ancient nomadic and celestial essence of humanity.” ~ Treneti

With a soothing voice that has your valuable mind feeling so much more comfortable than before you pressed play, Treneti is quite scintillating here on a track that has so much magnetic attraction. This is a consciousness-calming experience like no other, as we are let into a whole new way of thinking from a true visionary who is only just getting started.

Fast Drive On LSD‘ from the soulfully-stimulating Chicago, USA-based music producer, artist, and elegant dancer Treneti, is that spellbinding song with luscious vocals you have only dreamed of before. With her calming 420-friendly energy that transmits only peace and love, this is a mind-soaring effort that takes you into a more elevated place than before.

Life is all about advancing spiritually, after all, to lift yourself away from anything holding you back.

Hear this nourishing new single on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Your Heart Used To Have a Vacancy: Chicago rapper Erik Evy wonders if they can make it happen again on ‘No Harm No Foul’

With his new full project set for an early 2022 release, Erik Evy teases us with a new single that is all about hoping that the timing is better with someone who you really care about on ‘No Harm No Foul‘.

Erik Evy is a youthful Chicago-based indie hip-hop solo artist who shows us his lyrical chops on his latest effort that is made with his signature reflective style.

As he radiates that big grin to show us that he is back in a happy place, Erik Evy verbalises the airwaves in reinvigorated form with a truly chilled-to-the-max performance that showcases his growing talents behind the mic. There is no flashy moves here – only mellow vibes – that has you thinking that he is ready to make things right with a former flame that he wants back in his life.

No Harm No Foul‘ from the Chicago-based indie rapper Erik Evy, is a likeable new single all about how you feel like everything would work now with that special love of your life. Rapped with a thoughtful edge and flowing briskly with honest stories, about how things just didn’t match up before as you weren’t quite ready. Sometimes the hands of time just need to be in both of your corners, so that you may lock lips and forget about the past as the future is the only thing that actually matters.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Telling Me How To Live: Interior Alaska-born trap artist Owen MacDonald knows that its time to leave on ‘Who Do You Think You Are’

With an almost crystalized beat that has your engaged speakers feeling so carefree and in the zone to succeed, Owen MacDonald brushes off the dust from a selfish ex that was too bossy and ultimately chased him away forever on ‘Who Do You Think You Are‘.

Owen MacDonald is a 19-year-old indie trap solo artist who is based in Chicago currently and was born in the beautifully peaceful wilderness of Interior Alaska.

Owen MacDonald might be one of the most underrated underground trap musicians in the world right now. He sings with an impressively high standard of intent and everything is classy crisp from this young artist who has the world at his feet. If he can smartly navigate the steep pitfalls and evil temptations which can hold you back from that top echelon level that so many crave, you feel like he can fly high like a mighty Alaskan Bald Eagle searching for a new nest to conquer.

Who Do You Think You Are‘ from the youthful Chicago-based indie trap solo artist Owen MacDonald, is that encouraging song for us to hear if we feel confined in living a life that isn’t ours. Sometimes we get sucked into moments or people that aren’t really what we are all about – and the mission to escape from that empty space feeling – is so vital to truly live in reality again. Sung with a genuine application from an inventive man who loves to evolve, this is a truly remarkable release that shall help you find your true purpose away from the fake chains that can grab hold of you in this quick-swipe world.

Hear this fresh new track on Spotify and see more of his rising story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Sense Of A Home: Captivating Chicago singer-songwriter Morgan Pirtle would rather run away than be ‘Lost In A World’

Sung with genuine connection and palatable vocals that might have you exuding a small tear, Morgan Pirtle is at her caring and beautiful best with an honest track about finding your way in this strange place we call home with ‘Lost In A World‘.

Morgan Pirtle is an award-winning indie folk/jazz solo artist and storyteller who is based in Chicago, Illinois and sings with such astonishingly real essence on each one of her elegant pieces of art.

Morgan is a Luminarts Fellow in Jazz and a Downbeat Student Music Awards Winner.” ~ Morgan Pirtle

This is the sweet story that so many of us will definitely relate to. Trying to find that cosy home that makes you feel so warm inside all your bones – seems so much harder than before – as you just feel like running away sometimes but aren’t sure where to go.

Morgan Pirtle shows us her incredible angelic soul in full view with this mesmerizing effort that shall have you feeling so much more relaxed than before. She is on top form with a scintillating display that has authentic lyrics of self-examination, which is a soul-healing gem of an experience that is notably exceptional.

Lost In A World‘ from the Chicago, Illinois-based indie folk/jazz solo artist Morgan Pirtle, is one of the more enjoyable listens from 2021. This is a hugely underrated young woman who sings with such a lovable style which gives you happy shivers, as you just lay back – and let her take you into her vividly-described world – that is saturated with that rare kindness we all need to admire.

Hear this fine new release on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen