Coming Down The Chimney: Chicago singer Jocie Denae drops cheerful Christmas cover classic ‘Happy Holiday’

Bringing us the happy Andy Williams cover that brings you to a smiling place as you get to think about this delightful time of year, Jocie Denae returns with her version of the classic single ‘Happy Holiday‘.

Jocie Denae is a Chicago, Illinois-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and dancer who sings with a youthful vibrance that you can’t help but enjoy.

Through hard work and determination, my dreams become attainable.” ~ Jocie Denae

As she gets us all into the festive spirit to soothe our trepidations away like a kind angel with a red hat on, Jocie Denae shows us into her take on this well-loved cover that has been woven into our consciousness from an early age. Made famous by Williams in 1963, Jocie helps us shake off the gloom and get us into the mood with her ear-shaking vocals that soon eases you into the holiday spirit.

Happy Holiday‘ from Chicago, Illinois-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and dancer Jocie Denae is a sweet effort from someone who clearly loves this treat-filled time of year. She sounds in an inspired mood here – with a track that will bring you back to a time when you loved Christmas like a little kid – who couldn’t wait to wake up early so you could rip open all those presents under the tree.

Hear this lovely audio on YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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