Kate Keller fantasizes about the unforgettable cologne on debut track, ‘Ghosts’

After proceeding into music full-time and with her debut EP set for release in the summer of 2022, Kate Keller fulfils all of her creative desires with a moving and delightfully memorable performance on ‘Ghosts‘.

Kate Keller is a Chicago-based, New York-born indie singer-songwriter who performs with a natural beauty that warms your whole consciousness into feeling alive again.

After studying vocal performance and psychology in college, Kate went on to immerse herself in the healthcare field, working at Mount Sinai Hospital and recently moving to Chicago to pursue her PhD in clinical psychology.” ~ Kate Keller

You feel the wind gushing gently all over your inner soul when you listen to the transfixing talent that is Kate Keller. She daydreams romantically about the sensual smell and tender touch of a past friend, who could have been a lover but is now a sweet memory in her past life.

Ghosts‘ from Chicago-based, New York-born indie singer-songwriter Kate Keller, is the sensationally-performed debut of an artist who is only just getting started. After moving from home she misses the past and what it all could have been but seems ready now to love again in a new city with so many possibilities.

Being in a new timezone and changing your clock but never altering your core, is the best way to stay true to who you are but also adapt to your new environment.

Hear this lovely single on YouTube and see more of her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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