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She Like My Drip: Aj0hn kicks the naysayers away like Messi on ‘L!t’

With a unique blend of creation that has us so intrigued about this new style of rap in 2021, Aj0hn shows us why she is really into his swag-filled vibe on his new freestyle-like single which has him feeling rather ‘L!t‘.

Aj0hn is a newcomer Allentown, Pennsylvania-based indie rapper. He makes that new school type of ear-bending hip-hop music which has the beat shaking and the vocals sparking into this full paced assault on the mic.

The bars are slammed through the unsuspecting rate that might make a skilled sailor nervous, as the winds pick up and have you feeling like your heart is beating so much faster than before. He leaves little on the bones left for anyone else to munch on, as his mind is made up that she is the one for him and nothing else will do.

L!t‘ from the charming Allentown, Pennsylvania-based American rapper Aj0hn, is a rampage on the mind as you filter all of the self-doubt out of your senses, as you only bring in fresh smelling energy back into your life. This is a quick-fire track which might leave you in shock at first due to its complexities – as the style is alive and stocked full of entertainingly honest sentiment – which shows his utter confidence. She is into him and not the other guy, which makes him rather pleased with himself.

Sometimes you just have a feeling something is going to work, as you strive for that finish line to start the night for real.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see more via his Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Big Dreaming: Laguna Hills singer AYVA drops love-filled debut release ‘Better With You’

As her sparkling eyes glimmer longingly into her happily glowing sunglasses as she thinks deeply of her majestic lover, AYVA knows that things are going so well and she can’t see herself with anybody else on ‘Better With You‘.

AYVA is a focused young Tongan-American indie pop/RnB singer-songwriter who is based in Laguna Hills, California. She is an emerging talent who makes that romantically-charged music vibration which has your frolicking heart beating faster, as you get beautifully wrapped into her honey-tipped vocals which are packed full of wonderful charm.

AYVA credits her music to challenges she faced in her personal life. She has learned how to implement her own touch and millennial vibes into her music.” ~ AYVA

With a gloriously pure voice which perfectly intertwines into your blood-gushing veins of desire, this is a stunning single from a youthful artist who seems to pitch her sweet vocals so elegantly and with limitless energy.

Better With You‘ from the promising Laguna Hills, California-based indie pop/RnB artist AYVA, shows us a young woman who is finding her way into this obstacle-filled world, but knows exactly what she wants. She seeks that unconditional love without any fragile strings attached, as her mind only wants to be with someone who has her best interests at heart.

Sometimes you just know what you want, as you do whatever it takes to make sure that nothing will stop you being together, so that you feel that warm loving embrace.

Stream this debut single on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Wanna See Ya: Art.I.Ficial truly knows what he wants tonight on ‘Hey Mamacita’

Taken off his debut five-track EP named ‘The First Kumming‘, Art.I.Ficial politely asks her to join him for the after party back at his place, on the late-night track all about connecting your eyes together as one with ‘Hey Mamacita‘.

Art.I.Ficial is an indie Liberian-American Anime rapper, songwriter, and music producer. He is a highly creative artist who is fairly new to the game but has the music soundscape born deep in his veins, and you can feel his wonderfully rare chemistry on each part of this exciting track.

This is a steamy story all about stating your intentions and leaving nothing to luck, as you flow into the conversation like a smoke-filled dream. He tells it straight up and isn’t being too pushy, as he sees what he likes and wants to make sure that she is feeling the hot vibes too.

Hey Mamacita‘ from the emerging Liberian-American rapper Art.I.Ficial, shows us a man with one thing on his mind and she knows it. He smoothly speaks to her and leaves her heart beating so much faster, as his words are deeply toned and with so much charm.

This is a late-night track with so much to enjoy, as it sums up our mood away from the doom and the constant gloom, that is slowing passing like the ravishing wind.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see his IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Put It On Me: Emezzy has us all blushing on ‘Body’ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill)

Taken off the latest two-track EP called ‘AQUARIUS‘, Emezzy returns with the supremely sensual new single all about seeing that special one you can’t resist for another moment called ‘Body(ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill).

Nnaemeka Keke aka Emezzy is a top shelf Nigerian/American rapper and singer, who carefully combines his music skills to make soundscapes that has you dancing and turning up the volume, all night long.

The busty beat has a party sound to it, as the smooth vocals flow into your eager mind as the descriptive lyrics tell you exactly what the plan of action is for the evening. You feel the love energy around you real close, as the attraction starts to get more intense, their bodies are locked in together and the night is only just getting started.

Body‘ (ft. Michael I-Zayah and Shaleowill) from the Nigerian/American rapper/singer, leads us into a story of attraction, as you want to be with them so badly — as the glint of the eye leads you in — to see if there is indeed a connection.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding That Sweet Spot: Dani Twice searches within for true peace on ‘Pixel Beach’

With an ever-increasing fire burning warmly in his motivated belly after seeing how music changed his life to open the gushing tap of knowledge, Dani Twice returns eagerly with the supremely cinematic new single ‘Pixel Beach‘.

Dani Twice is a creative Colombian-American, singer-songwriter, music producer, and 3D artist from sunny Tampa in Florida. He lights up your mind to fuse that electrically charged music that feeds his growing hunger to never go back to the life that he was once exposed to when young. As a family he ensured much moving and hustling to stay alive, to become someone that is striding forward with purpose each day.

He sings with so much perspective, the lyrics are real and from much thought and carefully crafted penmanship, his confidence is growing and within, his mind is stronger and with so much creativity to come.

Pixel Beach‘ from Tampa-based Dani Twice, is a story of the imagination, as his mind wonders in and out of reality to help to define who he really wants to be in life. The past haunts him sometimes but through his love from his chosen art-form, he has built up his armor to be stronger than ever before.

Stream this brand new song on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You remember those close moments: Secret Season are truly wonderful on ‘I Miss You’

Taken off their enthralling 7-track 5th album called ‘Closer‘, the mystical Secret Season return with a song that will make you reminisce named ‘I Miss You‘.

Secret Season are a fantastic husband and wife France-based Franco-American indie music duo, formed by Mark Moogalian and Isabelle Risacher. They somehow fuse alternative, blues, pop and rock, to a magnificent box of tasty treats, that nibbles sweetly at your senses and helps you deal with loss, lost love and memories you will always cherish.

After suffering severe injuries after bravely helping stop the 2015 Thalys train attack from getting worse, Mark has been slowly getting back to 100% after incredibly surviving from being shot in the back. The nerve damage in his left arm has been catastrophic for his career and the road long, but this is a fighter and he is almost back to full form, which is a testament to his love for music and the incredible support that Isabelle has provided throughout.

This is the sad story about how love fades sometimes and vanishes away from your heart. You enjoyed your real time together but things have ended and although you miss them so much, you know that things are over for a reason. You think of them often and miss your long walks but the path has closed and it’s time to find a new journey, to be at peace again.

They compliment each other so well and you can tell that they know each other’s next move, just like professional chess players. Their words intertwine and the lyrics are heartfelt with vocals that give your body shivers.

I Miss You‘ from fascinating Franco-American alt music duo Secret Season, brings you back to those classic mid-90’s days as they dazzle with marvelous melodies and hooks, that cuts your lip from biting it, as you get lost in their music.

Missing someone close is natural and the best way to move on is to remember the good times, take those moments to heal and to be graceful about the exit. Life gives us many unexpected detours and it’s up to us, to rise up when we have stumbled into the windy roads and get lost.

Stream this wonderfully serene single on Spotify and see more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sweet-sounding ‘Saent London’ releases one of the best songs of 2020 with ‘’Distressed’’

With a stunning voice, seductive piano sounds, self-aware lyrics and top production, this is a quality R&B/Pop release for the ages. ‘Saent London’ is her name- remember it- she is going all the way to the top of the mountain with style. 

In 2019 ‘Saent London’ opened up for Republic Records artist Landon Cube on the Orange North American tour. A major achievement for this young artist and this has started the momentum build to get more listeners to pay attention to her music.

London Ashley Palmer aka ‘Saent London’, is an American singer-songwriter and podcaster. A multi-talented woman, she is on the rise with her first stunning Spotify release- ‘’Distressed’’. 

‘Saent London’ wants the world to de-stress themselves from being played by past lovers who are manipulative and not good for you. To wake up fresh and to get your mind & soul in the zone & focused, to do better and start again. We can all learn from this message and re-calibrate in order to get that negative energy out and only allow positive vibrations. ‘Saent London’ has been sent here to guide us, are you ready to join her?

To stream more soul-healing gifts from this incredibly talented artist, head over to her Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘’Stand up’’ is Pittsburgh Metal Rockers ‘Changing Tymz’ new smashing single with positive message

Didn’t you hear the voices crying out?

Changing Tymz’ are an American Hard Rock/Metal band, from Pittsburgh, the home of ice-hockey in the USA. A loud band, with lots of solo’s, they are really going for it at the moment and clearly love playing together.

The band brings a mix of power metal, and today’s modern metal riffs for the younger fans enjoyment. This is an act with a lot of passion and you can see from their music that they give it all while on stage.

They officially released their 5 track EP in February of 2020 and are now in the pre-production stage of their full-length debut album. I’m keen to see how the album sounds but for now, let’s enjoy ‘’Stand Up’’ for what it is. This is a united song about being together during dark times, a poignant message while living in 2020. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alternate-rockers Eternity INC rise with their debut track ‘Falling From the Sky’

Alternative rock duo and sibling pair Eternity INC release their debut single with a six minute exploration of their genre ‘Falling From the Sky’.

‘Falling From The Sky’ features airy, layered guitar riffs that will pique the interest of those wanting those classic mid-2000s alternative reber-driven rock tones. The vocal performance intertwines sometimes delicately from dominant to subtle, and helps give an added flair that this six minute track needs at points. 

The guitar work is layered and powerful, and is definitely the standout point of the track. Tighter songwriting and work on the lead vocals might propel this one to much more acclaim, but it remains a solid piece for those who like post-rock inflections with reverberated riffage. 

You can check out Eternity INC’s ‘Falling From The Sky’ on the band’s Soundcloud page here.


American singer-songwriter Chris Peters released his latest track ‘Miss Communication’ on April 15th 2020, a passionately folk ballad.

The whole song develops around acoustic guitars, gentle notes and multiple vocals in a genuine folk style that prides itself on a brilliantly creative song-writing for a widely harmonic outcome. Chris Peters talks about the early days of a relationship – when everything feels so unsure and undefined – and how sometimes it’s better not to focus on the uncertainty but just live in the in-between. The only way to go through it is establishing open communication: he’d rather have miscomunication than to “miss communication with you.“

If we’re talking communication here, this song says many things you may not want to miss out on.

Check out ‘Miss Communication’ on Spotify for yourself.

Review by Jim Esposito.