Life Flies By: Chellcy Reitsma sends the lost souls a fitting tribute with ‘Happy New Year’

After previously gracing our awaiting ears with the absolute gem ‘Desolate Days’ from September 2020, the inspiring Californian-born Chellcy Reitsma sends out a tear-inducing effort for us to warmly embrace called ‘Happy New Year‘.

Chellcy Reitsma is a Valletta, Malta-based Dutch-American indie musician and poet who fuses the line between blues and alt-rock in her own incomparable way.

With such galvanizing vocals that takes your breath away for a few seconds, there is no one quite like Chellcy Reitsma. She sings like a true angel sent to guide us and shines a light on the past which hurts her – but somehow makes her stronger and more determined than ever – to make sure that her life is lived in the right way.

This feels like a story that is all about trying to stay positive and to give thanks to those who sadly can’t be here, as they have been lost into the winds of life. Sung with a heartfelt style that seems to flourish like a bird looking for a new nest, this is an emotional single that has clearly been made with so much personal attachment.

Happy New Year‘ from the Valletta, Malta-based Dutch-American indie solo artist and poet Chellcy Reitsma, is a quite stunning effort from an artist who vows to fight on no matter who is left. She misses those true souls who were a big part of her life – but knows that she is a true survivor – who will carry on in their memory and make sure that her own life is lived with true meaning and never wasted.

Hear this striking new release on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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