Talk To Me: ASE drop loving hand-holding lyric video for ‘Run Away’

After taking some time to reassess his goals and to re-brand his music, ASE returns with a track all about wanting that special soul to join you back in the first moment you first met and the natural times that were so clear on ‘Run Away‘.

ASE is an American rock/pop band that is bravely led by the much-respected indie singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer and pianist, Ed Ward.

Never take a single moment for granted. Moments will become memories, and memories will become all that you have left.” ~ ASE

ASE shows us back into an innocent time that is highly treasured like a first kiss – as he projects his message so wonderfully and has you reminded of that classic 90’s time – when music just somehow sounded better. This is an artist who took a break and sounds so reinvigorated, as he flows with majestic energy that has you beaming brightly.

Run Away‘ from the USA-based indie rock/pop act ASE, is that sweet single which has you remembering the first time you met someone who was so close, that you swore you would love them your whole life. Sung with a pure vocal skill that has you turning the volume slowly upwards, this is a special effort from an artist who truly ignites the fire in your romantic soul with a vocal delivery that is absolutely soul-healing.

See this lyric video on YouTube and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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