The love story continues: Italian-born Martina is quite glorious on ‘I Wish You Knew’

The sweet sounding Martina is back with her luscious vocals on the incredible new single on ‘I Wish You Knew‘.

Martina is a self-aware Italian-born, New York City-based singer-songwriter who blends Soul and R&B to mix a potent fusion that takes your breath away. Her style is spectacular and she sings with such love and meaning, her music has been carefully crafted to encapsulate beauty and class.

This is the story of wishing that your crush knew how you felt deep inside. Your stomach twists and turns and you just know that they are the one. Your heart is telling you that you need to be together and you are working out how you can make this happen.

Her voice is so clear and beautiful, the sonic soundscape drifts into the air and you can’t help but feel so relaxed while listening to this song.

The New York-based Martina is quite stunning on ‘I Wish You Knew‘. This is a song to play with your lover late at night with the candles on and the hot bath waiting. Her vivacious energy is a pleasure on the soul and this is a music that we all need to admire and close our eyes to.

Hear this wonderful song on YouTube and see her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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