Swizzy Swift – Workin’ Hard: Hip Hop Doesn’t Get More Real Than This

Swizzy Swift teamed up with HellBeatz Bulgaria to create his smash hit of a track ‘Workin’ Hard’ that everyone that’s ever put the hours in can appreciate. Swizzy Swifts’ angsty edge was palpable from start to finish throughout this track which swirls between the fury of harsh tempos and the snare of the drum machine. One thing’s for sure. No one is going to question his work ethic or his ability to create anthemic hits after the release of this track. His lyrics which are directed to kids in urban areas are as raw as they come. Through his music Swizzy Swift aims to change the game as he smashes his way through the music scene. The Pomona, CA based Hip Hop Rapper grew up in New York and has been perfecting his music production and writing skills since an early age. Now he’s part of the infamous D.M.R Crew that keep the Hip Hop scene lit in California.

You can check out Swizzy Swifts Hip Hop sensation on Reverbnation using the link below:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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