STORRY’s debut single “Leave My Heart Behind” has left us emotively bruised and suitably captivated

As soon as I hit play on STORRY’s debut single “Leave My Heart Behind” my soul felt suitably exposed. Whether my eyes dared to prickle for the pure celestial nature of the single or the amount of undiluted emotion which was poured into the single, I can’t be sure. But what I can be irrefutably positive about is that STORRY has the style, talent and soul to ensure that her sound stands out with absolute distinction.

As well as being a seasoned classically trained vocalist, STORRY also writes and produces all of her own music – that definitely explains the powerful synergy behind the soundscape, sentiment, and delivery. STORRY finds deft ways to infuse classical elements into R&B, Gospel and Hip Hop allowing new generations to appreciate the ethereal allure which can only ever stem from classically inclined music. Her dedication to developing her vocals to match her fierce presence whilst simultaneously offering a magnetic amount of warm accessible charisma has well and truly paid off.

You can check out STORRY’s latest single Leave My Heart Behind for yourselves by heading over to Spotify OR YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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