Sophia Lanuza – Borrowed: Meet the Artist Putting Soul into Electro Pop

“Borrowed” is the debut single from up and coming Electro Pop artist Sophie Lanuza who has proven she’s already learned how to master a hook-filled hit. I’ll warn you now that once you hear the chorus, it will probably be a long while until you forget about it. Sophia possesses an instantly accessible vocal style which takes you back to your favourite Pop artists from the 00’s whilst the intricacy of the arrangement will leave you in awe of the radio-ready earworm.

Sophia Lanuza soulfully unflinching vocal capacity rests high above the EDM-drive mix which starts off with the harsh snares of the drum pads, yet as the single builds in momentum, the multi-layer mix seamlessly interweaves digital effect with acoustic sound. In short, you’ve never heard a more anthemic ballad.

You can check out Sophia Lanuza’s single Borrowed for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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