Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes – Pale Moon: Electrifyingly Filthy New Wave Psychobilly

If you put the sounds of The Jim Jones Revue, The Cramps, The Zombies, The Fall and Joy Division in a blender, you might get somewhere close to the sensational sound of Joe Bone & The Dark Vibes. The Glaswegian Alt Rock outfit are a powerhouse of talent that have joined together to create music drenched in nostalgia and animated by the dirtiest riffs you’ve probably ever defiled your ears with.

Pale Moon stands as testament that Joe Bone’s vocal ability is boundless, throughout the track he moves from a sultry Blues sound to bouncing into a raucous revival of Psychobilly.
The low reverb on the driving bassline will be adored by any fans of Post Punk & New Wave, whilst anyone will appreciate the overall veracity of the track that sounds like something you’d hear in a Tarantino soundtrack. You’re probably not even human if you can sit still to this track.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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