Sodada – Roots: Future Soul

Sodada is an art-rock/future soul act (quite an intriguing combination of styles, right?) that seem to draw influences from everything indie rock to contemporary R&B/soul delivering a spicy, catchy tune such as ‘Roots’ which you can pre-order here.

It’ a song that I could easily picture Quentin Tarantino using it in a lap dance scene, it is soulful never minding the rhythm section getting a little too intense at times. This element serves as the necessary tension that tickles the senses. You also add a beautiful ethereal female vocal-line in the mix and there you have it: The next addition to your playlist that goes by the name ‘Sexy’, or something similar.

The thing with Sodada is while they capture and present a wholesome lustful vibe with this song, they seem to be a rather intellectual-leaning act. The Massachusetts-based trio seems to be providing something enjoyable for people who are into real instrument music and not. If you’re spinning Khruangbin in your playlist, I can’t see a reason why Sodada would not do the trick for you.

Listen to Sodada on Spotify

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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