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Groove Inn – Drive ft. Denver Hall: Futuristically Sticky-Sweet Funk Soul Hip Hop

Up and coming artist Groove Inn teamed up with Denver Hall for their latest soulfully smooth eccentrically endearing EP “Summer Pack”

Each of the four singles offers a different sticky-sweet serving of Funk, Soul, Jazz, RnB, and Pop laced Hip Hop. But the standout track has to be the futuristic work of Funk-soaked Neo-Soul “Drive”.

Without any amount of deliberation, the track kicks in with the groove-deep bends of the bass accompanied by the instantly magnetic Rap verses. You’ll be hooked in the tonally warm hit from there on out.

Playful Hip Hop combined with pure Funk and Soul will always be timelessly uplifting. But the main distinction with Drive is how far they were able to project their sound into the future. It’s all too easy to expect plenty more innovation from Groove Inn in the future. I’d put them on your radar sooner rather than later.

You can check out Groove Inn’s single Drive for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sodada – Roots: Future Soul

Sodada is an art-rock/future soul act (quite an intriguing combination of styles, right?) that seem to draw influences from everything indie rock to contemporary R&B/soul delivering a spicy, catchy tune such as ‘Roots’ which you can pre-order here.

It’ a song that I could easily picture Quentin Tarantino using it in a lap dance scene, it is soulful never minding the rhythm section getting a little too intense at times. This element serves as the necessary tension that tickles the senses. You also add a beautiful ethereal female vocal-line in the mix and there you have it: The next addition to your playlist that goes by the name ‘Sexy’, or something similar.

The thing with Sodada is while they capture and present a wholesome lustful vibe with this song, they seem to be a rather intellectual-leaning act. The Massachusetts-based trio seems to be providing something enjoyable for people who are into real instrument music and not. If you’re spinning Khruangbin in your playlist, I can’t see a reason why Sodada would not do the trick for you.

Listen to Sodada on Spotify

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis