Feel That Summer Rain: ZUSO wants to feel that much-needed higher place on ‘Melt Like Gold’

With a riding-out-the-storm mentality and bringing the world a track to really lather deeply into as we forget past worries, ZUSO has our attention with a catchy dance track you will find compelled to party all night with on ‘Melt Like Gold‘.

Gabriel Cuenca aka ZUSO is a youthful Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and DJ. He is best known for his smooth electronica creations and mesmerizing melodic house.

Towering high above us all and steering us where that beautiful nature is inside our souls, ZUSO brings us one of the most stimulating dance tracks of the year so far with an outstanding display for the ages. After listening to a real body-healer like this, you will feel driven to call up your mates and see where the party is at.

Melt Like Gold‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie DJ and electronic artist ZUSO, is a euphoric track that takes your whole soul away from the previous darkness and into a much better place to achieve all your dreams. This is arm-raising energy here that has you lifting you away from that sleepy slumber, and back into a better world where you may feel free and happy again. This is a real gem when we needed it most.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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