Sky Signals – Shadows of Life: Apocalyptically Hypnotic Prog Metal

Shadows of Life by Sky Signals

We’ve reached that point in musical evolution where tracks from most guitar-driven genres are sounding tired, rehashed unauthentic. Thankfully, the rhythmic intricacies of Prog Metal, still give the acoustically inclined audiophiles something fresh to sink their riff-loving teeth into.

Bands such as Sky Signals prove that there are so many different directions and contortions of sound. With their tracks, Sky Signals provide the same stomach-churning feeling you get when you listen to your favourite techno beat drop. You get the same electrifying sense of energy when it comes to the immersive build ups and explosive instrumental breakdowns accompanied by concordantly fierce melodies. Shadows of Life is one of the latest singles to be released by the Sydney, Australia-based outfit who have used their latest release to stand as a testament to their progressive talent. Even the vocals to Shadows of Life feed into the rhythmic furore of the apocalyptically hypnotic soundscape.

You can check out Shadows of Life for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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