Shane Anderson – Good Love: Sultrily Contemporary R&B

I think I’ve just found the sexiest R&B track that’s dropped in 2018. It’s pretty rare for a R&B track to resonate son deeply with me, there’s indisputably something about Shane Anderson’s style and aesthetic that allows him to bring a little extra through his music.

What I love most about Andersons soundscape approach is the way that he was able to do more than assimilate the same old R&B sounds that we’re all sick of hearing. There’s an element of sincerity behind the lyrics to Good Love, the official video may be raunchy as hell, but the lyricism showed Andersons soft side and it’s safe to say I’m enthralled by the Sacramento California based artist.

As comebacks go, you don’t get much better than Good Love, the sultrily contemporary mix deserves a place on your playlists. You can check out the sexually subversive official music video to Good Love by Shane Anderson on YouTube now. You can expect his album I.N.F.J to be released in December 2018. He’s already caught Kim Kardashians attention, I’m sure he’s worthy of yours.

Review by Amelia Vandergast (who has a little bit of a crush now)

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