REPTIEL – Spirit Usher: High-Octane Psychedelia

The Planet of Progkp by REPTIEL

Just how Funk addled can a psychedelic revival track sound? San Francisco based collective REPTIEL has pushed the boundaries with their latest single Spirit Usher. The amount of fun that the band had whilst creating this track is palpable in each note. The rhythm comes alive under the funk and groove of the melodies which twist and turn, leading the sound away from what you’d come to expect from a Psychedelia band thanks to their progressive sensibility.

Whilst the vocals are minimal, there is plenty of emotion pouring through the instrumentals to carry you to a new plane of concordant astral bliss. It has to be said that I’m never usually down for concept albums, but REPTIEL have proven to be an exception to that rule with their planetary weaving orchestrations of Indie Prog Rock.

If you thought Pink Floyd was trippy, you’re in for an absolute treat with Spirit Usher which is just one of the tracks from REPTIEL’s latest album the Planet of Progkp.

You can check out REPTIEL’s latest single which was released on June 21st, 2018 via BandCamp now – prepare for a lucidly concordant mix of phantasma.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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