Sketches on Duality release ‘Michelangelo’

Some say that the art of forging new music should be about originality: the idea that if you can find something with no precedent, you’ve truly created. There is another school of thought that believes art is about capturing and evoking the ways once there and now gone: the old school. Sketches on Duality may have their own intentions as artists, but they swagger between these ideas with grace, ease and an undeniable cool.

The name Michelangelo conjures a Florentine artist who could never have known the impact he would have on the world of art. He was a renaissance man who took in culture and then expelled it back into the world with new life. Fittingly, Sketches on Duality have taken this same approach on their track, Michelangelo.

The Vienna-based group exudes confidence as a medley of smooth, jazzy keys lay a foundation for warm, soulful guitar and jagged, inspired basslines. Vocalist Jahson the Scientist expressively dips from spoken word into old school rapping, guiding the listener through reverently influenced old school vibes of jazz and classic hip hop. Michelangelo is a song worthy of its name. Sketches on Duality appropriately bring together two completely different theories on music and in doing so, create art.

Words -Paul Weyer

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