Singer-Songwriter Alin Hagen Has Made Their Pensive Alt Pop Debut with “You’re Mine”  

Alin Hagen

Singer-songwriter Alin Hagen has made their pensive Alt Pop debut with the captivatingly powerful ballad “You’re Mine”.

With the intricate rhythmic drum fills along with the constantly evolving melodies, You’re Mine becomes a mesmerising mix of candid emotion, unrestrained artistic expression, and the kind of experimentalism which the Pop genre has been crying out for years.

You’re Mine may only be just over two minutes long, but in the space of those two minutes, you’ll get the perfect introduction to Alin Hagen’s distinctively powerful and melodiously ingenious approach to their soundscapes.

Instead of running with pitch-perfect vocal harmonies, Alin Hagen opts to spill visceral soul into the mix, hitting play on You’re Mine will be the perfect way to determine whether yours is still working.

You can check out Alin Hagen’s debut single by heading over to Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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