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Mared – Over Again: Strikingly Refined Neo-Classic Pop

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of Welsh singer-songwriter Mared’s latest semi-orchestral single “Over Again”. It’s safe to say that the Neo-Classically inspired Pop score is one of the most refined yet striking singles which we’ve heard this year.

Mared’s poised yet passionate vocals resound over the light melodic flurries weaved by the piano-led choral instrumental arrangement. Repetition may have been the inspiration behind the track, but there was none to be found in the gently and seamlessly progressive soundscape. Prepare to be arrested by Mared’s narrative lyrics which allow you to share the fraught emotion which spills from being stuck in a toxic romantic cycle and unable to escape. I’m sure everyone can relate. Even if you can’t, if you have a shred of empathy in your body, prepare for it to be accordantly tugged.

You can check out Over Again for yourselves from June 19th on all major streaming platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Annie Scherer has released her sophomore Alt Neo-Classic Pop single “Andy Warhol”

Whatever your opinions on Andy Warhol, Alternative Singer-Songwriter Annie Scherer’s Alt Neo-Classic Pop single which pays a stunning ode to his style while painting metaphors of blossoming relationships definitely won’t leave you torn.

I can only imagine that people will find themselves similarly as inspired by Annie Scherer’s striking vocals and expressively boundless approach to songwriting.

The single may boast a timeless Pop ballad style, but with Annie Scherer’s unapologetically bold and slightly dark style which pulls in a myriad of stylistic elements, it boasts palpable amount of contemporary commercial appeal

Andy Warhol isn’t the only artist to have left an impact on Annie Scherer. She also takes inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Ray, Lorde and Florence and the Machine. Any fans of the aforementioned will undoubtedly appreciate Annie Scherer’s arrestingly soulful release.

We’ll definitely be fixing the NY-based artist firmly on our radars to stay up to date with her future releases.

You can check out Annie Scherer’s single Andy Warhol for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Folk ballads and more: Fairweather Friends release their new single Where the River Flows

With two EP’s already making their appearance on Spotify, Fairweather Friends have released their new single Where the River Flows.

Calm and sweet tones characterise this folk ballad with a pinch of pop-ness here and there. The song develops entirely on the thick sound of a piano the spreads over the entire sound landscape, while an acoustic guitar gently strums in the background.

Starting with warm vocals, the song evolves in the choruses with more backing vocals in a choir style for a soft and gentle harmony soothingly accompanied by the violin.

You may want to give Fairweather Friends a full listen, and I suggest you start with their previous I Don’t Want to Know/Up in the Air and Easiness and I/Making Ends Meet before checking out Where the River Flows on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Danny E & Liv-Tyde deliver an emotional pop ballad: Time To Say Goodbye

UK producer Danny E teams up with singer Liv-Tyde to deliver an emotional pop ballad Time To Say Goodbye.

Based on a multitude of synths that spread over the whole arrangement varying from keyboards, to pads, to choirs, Time To Say Goodbye is a heartfelt dedication to anybody who’s lost a special person and takes you through the emotional discomfort of having to deal with their absence.

The song is brought to life by Liv-Tyde’s powerful vocals that add on an ulterior emphasis to the sensitive theme.

Time To Say Goodbye comes as a hymn during the times of Corona virus and its tragic losses – it’s a perfect tune to ease ourselves out of the pain the current pandemic is causing us and the people who are suffering from the loss a loved one.

You can listen to Time To Say Goodbye for yourself on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.


An instrumental folk ballad: 8udDha bl0od release 1nK3D

8udDha bl0od are a new discovery with every new release and their instrumental track 1nK3D is no exception.

Tranquility is the feeling and serene the atmosphere, giving you enough fair sound span to enjoy the textures of this folk ballad.

The classic guitar changing from open chords to melodic lines controls the spacious harmony cadenced by mild drums that merely accompany the gentle rhythm. Waving in the background, a flute sound chimes with the guitar melody, sweetening the song’s flavor and nourishing a delicate theme.

1nK3D is one out of the plentiful sound journeys you’ll embark on if you follow 8udDha bl0od.

Check out 1nK3D on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.



‘Do You Believe In Love?’ is the latest release by Bristolean pop rock band Punketronic, a pop-savvy ballad written by multi-instrumentalist Paul Tronic who’s said to “write and record nearly everything.”

Likely inspired by the likes of David Bowie and Roxy Music, the track is a sing-along tune from the perspective of a true believer of love – of how love can set us free and how it’s eventually worth fighting for “if you believe in love like me.”

It features mellow guitar harmonies and string melodies in a perfect ballad-y combination in addition to a Beatles-like piano that very originally completes the sound.

Check out ‘Do You Believe In Love?’ on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Bisola has released her latest soulfully magnetic Funk-filled Urban ballad “Grace upon Grace”

With the unique production style, Bisola’s latest single “Grace upon Grace” almost acts as a soulful aural vacuum which pulls you in straight from the prelude.

The up and coming artist freshened up 90s Pop with a nuanced infusion of Hip Hop and RnB, but Grace upon Grace is a ballad through and through. With the effervescent orchestral swells, the soundscape boasts an ethereal feel, as well as a sure enough serving of soul and funky contemporary grooves. As long as your soul is still working, the emotion contained in Grace upon Grace won’t fail to resonate.

Grace upon Grace was released on March 20th, and you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to Bisola’s website or Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Vince Palmeri – It’s Complicated: straight-from-the-soul Pop

Prepare to pacify your scorned hearts with NYC Breaking Pop artist Vince Palmeri’s latest release. He’s provided the perfect soundtrack for your frustrative romantic confusion with their latest single “It’s Complicated”.

The straight-from-the-soul Pop single puts a fresh and adrenalizing twist on your average lovelorn love ballad. The harmonic hit may be perfectly polished and radio-ready. But there’s still a raw and evocative nature which won’t fail to grip you as you listen to the eclectic instrumental arrangement. Expect to find stylistic orchestral swells which infuse melancholy amongst the deftly curated melodies and soaring vocal harmonies.

You can check out It’s Complicated via YouTube now. The official music video for It’s Complicated is due to drop in March 2020, so make sure you subscribe to the artist’s channel.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


John Allred brings brand-new meaning to the phrase “Life on the Run” with their latest single  

American singer-songwriter John Allred has followed on from the incredible success of their 2017 album “Brave New World” which came in at #4 in the iTunes singer-songwriter charts with the soul-deep album “Anchor”.

Each single affirms just why John Allred was able to achieve such acclaim. But if you’re new to the artist, there’s no better introduction than their standout single “Life on the Run”. I’m a sucker for a pensive melody, and the melodies in John Allred’s single resonated like a significantly bruising sucker punch.

The single brings a brand-new meaning to having a life on the run. If you need an aural kick to get yourself into gear, you won’t find a more efficacious one than Life on the Run. It’s as inspiring as it is pensively striking. What more could you possibly ask for than an evocatively compelling track which deftly reminds you of your own mortality?

You can check out Life on the Run along with the rest of John Allred’s emotively serene album for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud. Grab the tissues.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Christine – Cast Away: Evocatively Captivating Latino Pop

“Castaway” is the latest single to be released by up and coming Latino Pop artist Christine. There may be a sweet sentimentality to the track. But, there’s also plenty of evocative, and uplifting energy.

With sharp hooks to lead you into a euphoric EDM Pop chorus from atmospheric verses, Castaway is a track which offers everything you could possibly ask for. Christine’s effortlessly harmonic vocals are captivating from the first verse to the last. And the effort to make Castaway far from archetypal is just as perceptible as her nuanced vocal talent. There’s a slight 90s pop influence, but Christine is an artist in the habit of setting herself apart with plenty of distinction.

You can check out the official music video to Christine’s latest single via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast