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Prepare for your souls to splinter with London-based Pop artist Martin’s Latest Single “Summer Haze”


Sick of all of the abrasively happy Summer Pop hits? Looking for a soundscape which offers sincerity, authenticity and actual soul? Look no further than up and coming London-based Pop artist Martin’s latest mesmerising single “Summer Haze”.

The slightly vintage tonality in the poised ballad along with the vibrato in the vocals are just two of the reasons why it will feel like your soul is left in splinters by the time this emotively iron wrought single gently fades to a close.

I wouldn’t put many new artists in the same league as the likes of Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, Neil Young, and Elton John, but Martin’s approach to songwriting is sure to make many more eyes other than mine sting.

You can check out Martin’s track Summer Haze for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Katia proves she’s perfected morose Pop Rock magnetism with her latest single “New Eden”

Up and coming artist Katia’s latest single “New Eden” was released on July 23rd and the Pop Rock ballad comes with quite the evocative sting.

The singer, guitarist, and pianist likes to experiment with her sound allowing each new release to resonate with distinction, and for New Eden, Katia chose to run with potently compelling soul-exposing melancholy which narrates the tale of overcoming the harshest of obstacles and finding your way towards growth.

The pensive emotion which bleeds from Katia’s vocals is one thing, but there’s no preparing you for the striking morose magnetism found in the soundscape; how she made a guitar riff so emotionally fraught will forever remain a feat of aural alchemy.

I’m not crying, you are.

You can check out the official music video to Katia’s latest single New Eden for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Abigail Scott’s Poignantly Raw Ballad “Damaged”

Singer-songwriter Abigail Scott’s latest single “Damaged” is one of the most poignantly powerful ballads we’ve heard in 2018. Whilst many singles skirt around superficial and clichéd meaning, Damaged digs deeper. Damaged draws up each ounce of angst harnessed and reserved for people who feel as though their own shortcomings and fragility are an excuse for damaging others. I’m fairly certain everyone will have had that experience at some point in their lives. Yet I have no do doubt that Damaged would resonate either way through the raw power of Abigail Scott’s ethereally strong vocals and emotively arresting performance.

The acoustic instrumental arrangement goes further than your average ballad soundtrack with the addition of richly textured raucous Blues Rock guitar licks to make Damaged the ultimate track to find catharsis within.

You can check out Abigail Scott’s overwhelmingly soulful ballad for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Anya Karin – Lives in Us: A Ballad to Leave You Plaintively Raw

Sure, there are plenty of songs written on the subject of loss, yet, Anya Karin’s latest single “Lives in Us” is enough to leave anyone who has experienced the emotion captivated. Yet the singer-songwriter and pianist’s single goes beyond that with the uplifting sentimentality which is written into the lyrics to make such a bitter-sweet emotion a little easier to swallow.

The downtempo piano melody is tentatively smooth, with the right amount of intricacy in parts to allow the instrumentals to hit just as hard as the lyrics. Anya Karin’s talent as a pianist and vocalist are undeniable, yet, the strength in her all-encompassing lyrics and ability to share the raw emotions is what truly sets her apart from the majority of up and coming artists.

You can check out Anya Karin’s latest single Lives in Us by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Emily Rath – Can’t Say No: An Empoweringly Raw, Timelessly Classic Ballad

Emily Rath has proven with her latest single that the two key ingredients to a soul-splittingly poignant love ballad are soul and sass.

The up and coming songstress’ style is raw, unedited, and undefiled by contemporary demands of the Pop industry. The acoustic piano melody creates the perfect platform for Emily to place her perfectly pitched vocals which verse some of the most viscerally deep lyricism I’ve heard in quite some time. The lyrics carry so much weight through the San Francisco based performers tentative yet empoweringly beautiful vocal range which add to the blissful ambience of Emily’s latest single Can’t Say No. We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt driven away from our own passions and realities to cater to someone else’s appetites, but thankfully, Can’t Say No will be the soundtrack to many people’s empowerments after they drink in the powerfully reflective and resonant lyrics which are so much more than just an offering of introspection.

You can check out the stunning official video to Emily Rath’s latest single Can’t Say No, which was released on July 2nd on YouTube now.

Keep up to date with Emily’s future releases by connecting with her via Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Be Prepared to be Sobered by Jared Micéal’s Latest Captivating by Ballad

Well, Jared Micéal is an artist that certainly isn’t afraid to pour out his heart and soul down the microphone. From his single Born to Love You, you can expect an offering of raw, pained, beautifully romantic emotion that makes every other artist on the radio waves seem superficial.

His soberly captivating ballads seem to have a habit of sending spears of piercing emotion through your chest as you come to appreciate the level of talent paired with the amount of passion which is has gone into the production of this track. The acoustic instrumentals provide the perfect amount of resonance which proves that Jared isn’t only vocally stunning. The up and coming artist’s talents carry through to his command of the fretboard with his rhythmically technical riffs, breakdowns and unpredictable chord progressions.

You can check out Jared Micéal’s track from his latest EP ‘One of These Days’ on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


George Wilkinson – Stars: Just Another Ballad?

To say that George Wilkinson is a pianist that plays for a Pop generation would be a pretty fair assessment. His Dramatic ballads don’t quite go down with the sophistication of painists such as Sigur Ros or Nils Frahm yet there’s something charismatic about the innocence of his sound none the less.

The British multi-talented musician possesses a varied vocal range, which in some parts reminded me of the harmonies in a Take That song with a playful contemporary twist, but there is so much to George Wilkinson’s sound than the vocals. So, if his vocals don’t win you over, there’s always his delectable original musical arrangements to faun over. The piano solos sing with so much complexity that I wished that it was an overall instrumental track. The essence of the pounding dramatism of the keys were stolen away by Wilkinson in his best attempt of hitting the high notes.

I would love to hear what Wilkinson is capable of through some raw acoustic sessions where it’s clear that he’s not creating music for the masses but instead truly expressing his own evocative train of emotion rather than just assimilating every other contemporary ballad singer as they fight for number one at Christmas.

Check out Wilkinson’s debut track on the Soundcloud link below:


Garvey’s Latest Smooth Release ‘Spiralling’

If you had to sum up Garvey’s debut release in one word, smooth is the most apt one that springs to mind. It isn’t just that this slow but powerful, pop infused R&B ballad is a wonderful blend of the infectious vocal hooks and sultry late night vibes, there is also something in the way that it is put together which sees it out pace its musical rivals.

Sitting easily alongside modern acts such as Sam Smith and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man it also draws on older references such as gospel harmonies and the songs of the soul music heyday and threads them together around a slow burning dynamic build as it heads towards its crescendo. Rock guitars, plaintive pianos and sumptuous vocal treatments are all gathered in to build the drama and drive on its way to its conclusion and the result is a wonderful calling card for an artist who is definitely going to be one to watch from now on.


A&R Factory Present: Alex Rosales

The independent singer, songwriter, producer, and musician Alex Rosales has released his latest studio endeavor, a single entitled ‘High On This Love.’ The California-based performer has previously found notable success in the Spanish rock outfit, Mantra, and through remixing Spanish Top 40 hits for Warner Music. Rosales has been a YouTube sensation, too, garnering hundreds of thousands of views on his work. Is ‘High On This Love’ worth taking a listen to, though? Let’s dig in and find out!

Right out of the gate, it is worth mentioning that ‘High On This Love’ doesn’t do anything new in any capacity. It doesn’t experiment with any sounds you haven’t heard before, Rosales’ songwriting is fairly generic, and the production is exactly what you’ll hear if you tune into your local Top 40 station. With that said, however, it’s not a bad song. In fact, it’s actually quite decent.

‘High On This Love’ is a pop love ballad with stereotypical lines the likes of “I could show you the world,” a lyric that should really best be left in ‘Aladdin.’ It’s also a very charismatic pop song, though, and despite its endless cliches, it’s an enjoyable listen. Rosales’ voice is spectacularly good, and it’s very refreshing to hear a vocalist who hasn’t been noticeably altered in post-production. His passionate performance sells this song.

Instrumentally, it’s a very noninvasive song. You could spin Rosales’ music in the backdrop of just about any activity and it would be perfectly apt. That’s perfect Top 40 music: infectiously catchy, inoffensive, and on occasion, actually intriguing to sit down and listen to. Nobody is going to accuse Rosales of being the voice of a generation or a poet, but he’s not trying to be either. He’s trying to do honest pop music. That’s worth respecting, and bubbly pop tunes like this singles are still worth having around.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that I would like to see Rosales explore more compelling territory in the future. ‘High On This Love’ is all fine and good, but he has a set of vocal chops that could enter the realms of soul, R&B, or just about anything else. Rosales owes it to himself to equip himself with stronger material than this. Hence, this is a song worth adding to your spring break playlist this season. It’s good, clean fun that’s well produced. It’s also indicative of an artist who could probably do even greater things with the right tools.

Words By Brett Stewart

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