‘ShiftTeamSteve’ takes single life to the next level with flexing debut ‘’Call Me’’

R&B Pop Rap is on the menu here with the young Emcee/Singer’s debut track ‘’Call Me’’. ‘ShiftTeamSteve’ is all about doing things his way and doesn’t let anyone tell him what to do.

This is the debut track from the raw West Palm Beach, United States rapper. He clearly revels in the spotlight and has a big future here if he can up his lyrical skills with extra time to hone his craft. The song has lots of high points and it will be very popular with his age range. 

For a debut release, ‘ShiftTeamSteve’, is off to a rolling start and will probably bring in other Emcees and singers for his next track. Cleverly blending other artists onto his music will only inspire and up his game. This is a young, passionate and very confident artist who likes to rap and eat on the subway. Can he stay on the tracks and build up his name now? Time will tell but this is a good start.

Just don’t tell ‘ShiftTeamSteve’ when to call, he will get back to you tomorrow. 

Stream more from this new Emcee from West Palm Beach on any platform.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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