Shemy and Alex Kidd – Let It All Out: Wax Lyrical Hip Hop Pop

I have no doubt in my mind that younger audiences will absolutely devour Shemy and Alex Kidd’s latest 2018 single Let It All Out, although it has to be said, I don’t believe it’s for everyone. There comes a point in your life when it becomes a little unacceptable to listen to tracks about getting wasted and that’s probably after you get out of the death grips of the 27 club.

Before I digress any further, the hype that Shemy and Alex Kidd poured into their latest single is absolutely euphoric deserves the highest praise possible. The lyricism used within Let It All Out paints the portrait of the perfect summer and the beat creates the synergy to help you embrace that summer vibe. The synthy prelude to the track almost set you up to believe that you were about to be treated to some 80’s synth Pop, then you’re hit by the artists contrasting vocal styles; the melodic vocals with the rap bars create one hell of a contemporary Hip Hop mix.

You can check out Shemy and Alex Kidd’s latest track Let It All Out on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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