Savannah Fay has released ‘Free’: A truly magical piece

Artist Savannah Fay has released her latest single ‘Free’ a truly mesmerising track with meaningful lyrics and an overall powerful piece.

As soon as you listen, you can instantly hear the roar emotion that comes pouring through the vocals, the relatable lyrics and the incredible amount of positivity that shines through. This song is honestly incredible and Savannah deserves all the recognition she receives.

Throughout this song, it really moves you and each lyric stands out as Savannah takes you on a journey through her story and the way in which mental health can impact you. Letting her feelings come through in every high note she hits effortlessly, each second is immersed with this overwhelming sense of emotion through the amazing vocal ranges she portrays.

As the piano glides alongside when she reaches higher and illuminates the background. Towards the middle, a choir appears all combining their voices into one another and creating this powerful intense feeling.

An insane piece of music from Savannah and one that you must listen too, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Listen to Savannah Fay’s single Free by heading on over here.

Review by Karley Myall

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