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Christopher Siu sets a cinematic score with his latest single, Once Again, featuring Amber Jakes.

For his latest single, Once Again, Toronto singer-songwriter and composer Christopher Siu collaborated with Amber Jakes to create a theatrically cinematic ballad; the orchestral score is almost arcane in its ability to immerse you in fantasy.

The light and sweeping piano notes set an evocative tone for Amber Jakes’ soulfully imploring vocal timbre that starts succinctly and climbs to the higher notes in line with the instrumental crescendos tenderly crafted by Siu. Once Siu’s vocals make a resounding appearance, his influences of Disney and music theatre start to shine through in the mesmerising single. Wherever Siu takes his sound next, we are sure that it will be a resounding, panoramic success.

The official lyric video is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bad News Comes In Showers: Katelyn Benton flourishes brightly again on the superb ‘Crave’

As she sings tenderly with such a heartfelt tone that has your whole body relaxed in soothing raptures, Katelyn Benton gives us one of the most beautiful songs of the year to inspire us to confidently walk outside again on ‘Crave‘.

Katelyn Benton is a terrific Los Angeles-based pianist, singer-songwriter, composer and owner of a PR and marketing company.

She has a background in classical piano but has smartly diversified herself into performing in various genres, as this is a highly motivated artist back in the music scene.

Ravishing our delighted senses with a sterling comeback after a much-needed hiatus to reconnect her sweet soul to where she wants it to be, we witness her on top form with massively achievable dreams ready to be conquered stylishly. Her stunning voice is crystal clear and you feel like you are in a romantic movie, with each note played with such grace as her vocal ability makes your back shake in pure excitement.

Crave‘ from Katelyn Benton, leads us into her picture with such determination and desire, as she opens up the curtains and finds the courage to believe in herself again, the doubts have passed and she is now ready for it all. She now knows that she has everything needed to make it happen — now its about putting it all into action — so she can go get that Disney contract.

We all lose the magic sometimes but if we love it enough, it will come back with even more hugs than before. This is a multi-talented woman who is on that comeback trail and it feels like she will win, at whatever she sets her mind to.

Stream this new world class single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Savannah Fay has released ‘Free’: A truly magical piece

Artist Savannah Fay has released her latest single ‘Free’ a truly mesmerising track with meaningful lyrics and an overall powerful piece.

As soon as you listen, you can instantly hear the roar emotion that comes pouring through the vocals, the relatable lyrics and the incredible amount of positivity that shines through. This song is honestly incredible and Savannah deserves all the recognition she receives.

Throughout this song, it really moves you and each lyric stands out as Savannah takes you on a journey through her story and the way in which mental health can impact you. Letting her feelings come through in every high note she hits effortlessly, each second is immersed with this overwhelming sense of emotion through the amazing vocal ranges she portrays.

As the piano glides alongside when she reaches higher and illuminates the background. Towards the middle, a choir appears all combining their voices into one another and creating this powerful intense feeling.

An insane piece of music from Savannah and one that you must listen too, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Listen to Savannah Fay’s single Free by heading on over here.

Review by Karley Myall

Moonlight Social’s new Country Pop Song Will ‘Make You Smile’

If you’re the type to walk into a buffet and try to find as many different types of food as possible, then Make You Smile is a song to whet your appetite. This track by Moonlight Social has a little bit of everything, from rock organ and pop guitar to electronic claps and a country-tinged duet. From a magical intro of resonant filtering through a dance party until sunrise, Moonlight Social is set on providing good times all around.

Now, this isn’t just an eclectic collection of random pieces thrown together onto a Frankenstein-esque mix of a song. Everything is mixed to suit the mood and the final product is a jack of all trades that’s got the potential to master any element individually. Moonlight Social gives you good reason to follow along and hear more just for the sake of hearing how far they can push their varied talents. Even if this doesn’t land on a Disney Channel show coming soon, this is a song that can be uplifting and provide just the right positivity to get you through a tough day and get your ready for a great evening. This song will Make You Smile if it takes all night.