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Find Myself: Qadian-raised rapper JJ VirK lets his actions do the talking on ‘Free’

Showing us his ever-evolving artistry with UK-based sound engineer, AdamLewis, JJ VirK is at his untouchable best with the latest track from his expanding collection which is all about being ‘Free‘.

JJ VirK is a tunnel-focused Qadian, India-born, Centreville, Virginia-based indie hip-hop artist who grew up listening to the greats like Eminem, Nas and 50 Cent.

Having spent years learning, implementing, and finding his sound, now ready to take his music to the forefront of the industry. His first EP “Dreams To A Process” EP was an incapsulation of this journey so far.” ~ JJ VirK

JJ VirK displays a high echelon rap skill that shows us what he has been working tirelessly on all these years. He is totally honest and cautions us that it’s not at all about being cool and flashy like so many think they need to be. On a busty beat that seems to fit like a glove with an artist like this, you feel like you have just unearthed one of the most criminally underrated hip-hop artists in the world.

Free‘ from the Qadian, India-born, Centreville, Virginia-based indie hip-hop solo artist JJ VirK, is a  full-powered track that shows us his unbelievable technique that is highly underground and profoundly effective. He just wants to be authentic and stay away from the sheep who keep on getting sucked into the false narrative, that has so many lost in the wind like a lonely sock without a shoe to fit inside.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We’re The Soul: Finnish band Collie Magnum jump up high to reach the stars on ‘Euphoria’

As they get away from the darkness and cold climate to look for warmer days, Collie Magnum lift up the mood on their long-awaited new single called ‘Euphoria‘.

Collie Magnum is an exciting four-piece indie alt-rock band from peaceful Oulu in Northern Finland. They perform with a dazzling energy that has your mind alive, and your body ready to rock out to their ear-friendly music.

This is the heartfelt message of feeling that where you are right now — isn’t the right place for you — as you look to climb up high and do what you need to do. You feel stuck and like a stranger in your own world, so its time to rather be adventurous and get away from it all, so that you may replenish your soul and get back in the zone.

Euphoria‘ from childhood friends Collie Magnum, is that free feeling of a song that shows their positive nature and willingness, to push the boundaries of their minds to what is possible. Their sound is fresh and full of life, as they jump up and help us to forget the last twelve months, so that we may reach those goals no matter what.

Hear this riveting new single on Spotify and see their news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling that fresh air again: Whyen (feat. Juli-Ane) sends the world a stunning sunset mood-changer on ‘Free’

Whyen is back with a thrilling electronic-filled track that will get you in the mood for your next much-anticipated summer holiday on ‘Free‘ (feat. Juli-Ane).

Berlin, Germany-based electronic future bass producer, film composer and pianist Whyen, makes music that inspires your soul and with a bounce that gets you feeling free again after a pandemic-infused slumber. He has joined forces with the sweet sounds of fellow Berlin vocalist Juli-Ane– to bring us a special new single with so much love.

The star-glazing atmospheric start gives you the chills right away as you feel like you are being transported to a new planet. Right away our ears are filled with the honey-tipped vocals of a glorious singer who brings so much joy and hope through the current darkness. Feeling free should surely be the ultimate goal of us all right now.

Containing a busting bass-happy beat that only seems to somehow intrigue and get better through out this excellent electro-powered single- this is what our dreams are made of as you close your eyes and imagine being totally at peace again as you cruise into the sunset by a peaceful beach, far away from any negative vibes.

Free‘ from Berlin, Germany natives Whyen and Juli-Ane, is that sensational summer breeze that is exactly the natural boost you need to visualize your next relaxing holiday. Feeling that extra warmth in your body after a stressful few months, is the only thing that should be on our minds when this dreadful pandemic is finally over.

Life may be hard right now for us all but staying positive and thinking of future good bass-filled times- is the way to finding that smile on your dial again.

Sizzle in that heat with your shades on via Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Savannah Fay has released ‘Free’: A truly magical piece

Artist Savannah Fay has released her latest single ‘Free’ a truly mesmerising track with meaningful lyrics and an overall powerful piece.

As soon as you listen, you can instantly hear the roar emotion that comes pouring through the vocals, the relatable lyrics and the incredible amount of positivity that shines through. This song is honestly incredible and Savannah deserves all the recognition she receives.

Throughout this song, it really moves you and each lyric stands out as Savannah takes you on a journey through her story and the way in which mental health can impact you. Letting her feelings come through in every high note she hits effortlessly, each second is immersed with this overwhelming sense of emotion through the amazing vocal ranges she portrays.

As the piano glides alongside when she reaches higher and illuminates the background. Towards the middle, a choir appears all combining their voices into one another and creating this powerful intense feeling.

An insane piece of music from Savannah and one that you must listen too, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Listen to Savannah Fay’s single Free by heading on over here.

Review by Karley Myall

Kavlon’s – ‘Her Camera’ A Psychedelic Milky-Way

With an infusion of that “cool” Kendrick Lamar’s kinda vibe that we rarely see, and that Jcole’s prowess in storytelling through his music, Kavlon delivered this masterpiece with apt adroitness.

A cool intro in unison with that special kind of hip-hop beat that punctures the heart of hip-hop/rap music lovers through the needle’s eye is undoubtedly the best way to describe the quality of energy and amount of creativity that was poured into the production of this song. Your comment when asked about what you feel about this song would probably be the same as mine.

What a an interesting song this is; this is really not just an everyday hip hop/ rap music you must have probably heard of before, it”s also not the type of song that flies to the top of charts but the kind of song that takes its time to slowly and steadily find its way to the top of music chart.

Kavlon’s – ‘Her camera’ is a song that leads you through an interesting musical journey to imagine and relate to what the singer talks about in his song. A psychedelic sound and harmonic song that is delivered with every level of distinctive creativity and drifts it is.

This is more like a cool jam that can be played at any point in time, especially when on the move or at work. The lyrics of this song were well drafted and the harmony of this song makes it quite an easy song to sing along with, with every bit of its next line already playing out with much clarity in your head.

Aside from the low sound quality and the way the song was quickly cut off at the end, I think this song can easily score a 10/10 in my rating.