Sahana Naresh explores the dualistic emotions inspired by motherhood in her soulful indie folk-pop single, ‘Milky Hands’.

Indie singer-songwriter Sahana Naresh has released her ukulele-led folk-pop exploration of the duality of motherhood, ‘Milky Hands’. Sonically, it is worlds apart from Amanda Palmer’s candid album, ‘There Will Be No Intermission’, but it still carries the same scantily found honest expression around parenting.

Milky Hands is a coalescence of Sahana’s love of soulful indie and classic Hindustani vocals, which means you get the bitter-sweet tenderness of a Neutral Milk Hotel single, along with the rich vocal melodies that stretch outside of Western boundaries.

If you’re a fan of rich accordant tones accompanying raw emotion, don’t hesitate hitting play.

Check out Sahana Naresh on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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