Ryne Meadow’s ‘Wildfire’ Evokes Good Feelings

One of the trickiest aspects of mixing different audio tracks together is creating a sense of space. The goal is to have every sound belong in its place with as little contention as possible. While recording one’s own music has become more commonplace than ever in history, it should still be noted that the presentation of that sound is every bit a work of art as the sound itself and the intention behind it. Wildfire by Ryne Meadow is a song that you can appreciate for many things, but it can never be felt in its fullest without a stereo setup. Break out the nicest headphones or set of speakers you can find; this is worth it.

Ryne’s lyrics are touching and vocal performance is expressive  and honest. Couple this with well-timed sparkling highs and full, commanding lows in the instrumentals and you’ve got quite a landscape. The real spectacle however, comes from the panning. Hearing parts bounce left and right across your mind as you meld yourself into the space created is a fun and immersive way to experience this song. Wildfire is passionate, but not explosive. It’s spritely, but not shrill. It’s warm, but not naïve.

This is a song that evokes good feelings that come from beyond the surface, and that’s something that a lot of artists will admit is no easy venture. Ryne Meadow effortlessly portrays a vulnerable and yet secure character in this song. It’s a song that feels like someone you can trust. Hopefully we can trust that there’s plenty more on the way.

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