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We Need More: Chicago Alt-Rock act The Relevant hope that we can fix up the mess on ‘Truth Is Gone’

With an emotionally stimulating edge and featuring flourishing vocals backed with riveting riffs, The Relevant are back into our excited hearts and wonder why the ‘Truth Is Gone‘.

The Relevant is a full-paced Chicago-based indie Alt-Rock band who make music to heal the soul and help others to find their smile again.

This ensemble of hardline musicians is committed to capturing the essence of music at its core.” ~ The Relevant

You feel their impressive storytelling come to the fore as they sing about life’s struggles, social injustice and love endeavors, with an honest tone that has you closing your eyes and imagining the world in a simpler form. There is much to admire about their atmospheric energy which seems to have you floating into the sky above, to find a better place that is away from any messy drama.

Truth Is Gone‘ from the Chicago-based Alt-Rock act The Relevant, is a highly passionate track filled with scintillating soundscapes that has you feeling so wildly reflective, as you wonder what has happened to this rather strange world we live in. Made with a tremendously delightful complexion and featuring an uplifting energy, this is a stunning single that will have you thinking much deeper than before.

Hear this terrific track on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Just Gotta Let It Go: Montana’s Cody King feels all his dreams are finally coming true on ‘Plans’

With the built-up stress at an all-time high but his mind thinking deeply on the end goal, Cody King ignores the distracting dm’s as he only focuses on the master ‘Plans‘.

Cody King is a prolific Helena, Montana-based indie hip-hop artist. From the Queen City of the Rockies, this is a highly motivated musician who has used this art form to better himself, as he looks to find that true purpose in life.

I started making music going on 2 years ago not knowing anything. I didn’t have anyone to help me so I learned how to do it all on my own. Its been an up and down struggle but this is my dream and I don’t ever plan on giving this up.” ~ Cody King

With an ever-improving flow, he rocks the mic with careful abandon as he shows us into his life’s work. His style is certainly eloquent as he has those smooth vocals and keeps us entertained the whole way through with his vivid storytelling, piecing together his thoughts into one big mind map. Finding that treasure is his mission.

Plans‘ from the passionate Helena, Montana-based rapper Cody King, is the track all about wondering if he is on the right path. As he breathes, eats and sleeps music, this is a creative cat on an exciting mission all the way to the top. He knows that some people greedily want his plan to fail, but he is so determined that nothing shall stop him from finding that all-conquering success.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Lows And Highs: Swedish singer Jonathan Jaynes recovers after heartbreak on ‘Losing My Faith’

As his cracked heart beats a bit slower from being let down badly, Jonathan Jaynes expresses his pain of a relationship that went array on ‘Losing My Faith‘.

Jonathan Jaynes is a passionate indie dream-pop/tropical happy-sad singer-songwriter and music producer from the underrated Malmö, Sweden. He makes that deep type of dreamy experience — which opens your eyes to different parts of relationships — and helps to express the emotions that you are feeling.

I wanted to shed a light on destructive relationships and how they can affect you. It starts out as beautiful and whimsical, but after a while it gets dark and broken. It’s hard to love, but if you look for the right kind you’ll find it.” – Jonathan Jaynes

Influenced by Kygo, Sia and Zak Abel, he is one of those quality young artists that you can’t help but like, as the sound is so peaceful and full of quality buzzing from each note. He sings with such grit and love, you can hear that this song is extremely person, as he feels like he needed an outlet to figure out what really happened.

Losing My Faith‘ from Swedish singer-songwriter Jonathan Jaynes, shows us a man who is really down after being so high in the sky. Sometimes you wonder what you did wrong for a relationship to end. The truth is, the whole time it was a lesson to make you stronger, for when you meet your true love down the winding road of the unexpected.

Hear this quality new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Real Feeling Inside: Peonstip feels the warm fire in his bones on ‘Radiate’

As he looks into her eyes with a shy gaze, Peonstip appears to find the right one for him on the wonderful new single from his new 80 20 album called ‘Radiate‘.

Peonstip is the indie pop/soul project of the underrated world traveler and music teacher Antone Leustek, who put many years of painstaking effort into writing, producing and singing, on this heartfelt release from his deepest soul. He is the ultimate underground artist who has worked on many other artists projects over the years without much acclaim, as he now feels like this is his time to fly free and put his name on his creations from now on.

This is the story of feeling that true love inside really quickly, as when you are with her you are so excited and want things to move really fast. Then you remember that you don’t want to ruin anything, so it would be best to keep things real slow so you get to know each other. The heat is beating faster now as you smile and look into her eyes deeper.

You feel like his heart is beating faster here as his caressing vocals come through the speakers, he has been alone for a while and has been biding his time, as the time has come now for him to open up his door, to let her in, so she can see his world.

Radiate‘ from the passionate multi-talented artist Peonstip, is such a romantic story about being patient and waiting for the right person to show who you really are. Life is all about those big moments when it feels right, as your heart can’t be broken too many more times.

Stream this loving track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding that road you desire: Norwegian singer-songwriter Ruben Kåre sings with such humble energy on ‘I Never Knew Where I Was Going’

Ruben Kåre soothes our tired hearts with his latest soulful offering taken off new album ‘Sorrows‘ and this humble new single is called ‘I Never Knew Where I Was Going‘.

Målselv, Northern Norway-based indie-rock singer-songwriter/producer Ruben Kåre, is the type of true artist that you turn on and find yourself so immersed in- that you forget about your worries.

This is the true story of not really knowing what you wanted to be when growing up. The other kids knew and you wanted that feeling too. A singer that doubted himself but after a while and with support, found his voice and has been flourishing from there.

When you love to entertain the crowd, the moment will eventually come when you know you are good and this is what you want to do forever.

His voice is so entertaining and honest, the smooth vocals show a man that has been through the ups and downs of being a musician but he loves what he does. Each note is strewn together with a real story that helps him express himself so eloquently and with that extra pure passion- that makes him a quality performer.

I Never Knew Where I Was Going‘ from Norway’s Ruben Kåre is that authentic tender touch to self-awareness that you lust for each day. Finding out where you are going is the key to unlocking your greatness stored inside you. This is a fine musician on the right path and he sings with that real joy that helps him reach his dreams, through his love for music while wearing his signature black hat.

Hear this wonderful new single on Spotify and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Debut track ‘One of Them Days’ from Gwa-La is a hard-hitting truth single of substance

Gwa-La is US rapper and also a former member of Gwap Boys in Colonial Beach. He is back with a bang on the inspirational ‘One of Them Days‘ which is a true story about real life experiences that hit home.

Gwa-La is now fully focused on his solo career with the support of record label Don’t Lose it Records which was started by his cousin, Miquan Johnson. This family bond has enabled Gwa-La to fully flourish and the results are for all to see.

This is an emcee with substance. He doesn’t want to get wrapped up in pain and suffering anymore. Dealing with petty beef is becoming tiresome, this young musician just want to make music, get rich and live far away from toxic people. This is a fair call and sounds good to this writer.

With a passionate flow, the beat is crisply formulated to bring across such a quality Hip Hop track that is quite steaming hot. This is a debut song that will uplift anyone listening, this is that rare kind of music that is truly felt. The struggle is 2020 is real.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Vicious Fishes bring their introspective indie bite to ‘That Girl’

That Girl‘ is the brand new indie-blue track from the exciting band with the awesome name called Vicious Fishes.

Taken off the self-tilted album ‘Vicious Fishes‘, the band are in full form here. This is an outfit who are at one with themselves and they play with such a smooth bluesy style that makes you relax. I love how the song breaks up in a 5 minute masterclass.

With the full moon high, you want her to be your girl. You lust for her and just want to be in her arms. The passion is there between you both and the lights are low, with candles in the room. Will this love story end the way you want it to or will you be apart forever?

Vicious Fishes impress highly on this fine new track that certainly cleans the airwaves with beautiful sounds on ‘That Girl‘.

Stream here for the Spotify link.

Click here for the Insta music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Save Me” from Dane Blake (feat. Marcello) is a call for forgiveness

There comes a time when sometimes you reach the point of no return. Your soul is hurt and you have just had enough. Too many nights spent at the club or local bar can take it’s toll. We all need to refresh before it all escalates.

This is a roller coaster of a song and it’s well executed by this singer-songwriter from the USA who has just put out a call for help. Can he forgive himself and move on?

Questioning all of his beliefs, the determined talent that is Dane Blake takes us into his tortured mind with ”Save Me”. He is desperately losing control and really needs help as his soul is burning. A man who sings to us about losing his way, a moment that none of us want to deal with but fear that we unfortunately will. Dane roars his way through the song and the the beat is slow and steady, building all the time as to let us know that this is going to be a passionate track. Thus it is. I feel like swaying by body around and my mood is reflective and thinking of the past, with mostly regret. Towards the end of the song I do feel hope and I guess that is what life is. Lots of ups and lots of downs.

Stream more from this passionate musician right here on his growing Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ryne Meadow’s ‘Wildfire’ Evokes Good Feelings

One of the trickiest aspects of mixing different audio tracks together is creating a sense of space. The goal is to have every sound belong in its place with as little contention as possible. While recording one’s own music has become more commonplace than ever in history, it should still be noted that the presentation of that sound is every bit a work of art as the sound itself and the intention behind it. Wildfire by Ryne Meadow is a song that you can appreciate for many things, but it can never be felt in its fullest without a stereo setup. Break out the nicest headphones or set of speakers you can find; this is worth it.

Ryne’s lyrics are touching and vocal performance is expressive  and honest. Couple this with well-timed sparkling highs and full, commanding lows in the instrumentals and you’ve got quite a landscape. The real spectacle however, comes from the panning. Hearing parts bounce left and right across your mind as you meld yourself into the space created is a fun and immersive way to experience this song. Wildfire is passionate, but not explosive. It’s spritely, but not shrill. It’s warm, but not naïve.

This is a song that evokes good feelings that come from beyond the surface, and that’s something that a lot of artists will admit is no easy venture. Ryne Meadow effortlessly portrays a vulnerable and yet secure character in this song. It’s a song that feels like someone you can trust. Hopefully we can trust that there’s plenty more on the way.